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The word Toril has a web popularity of 4810000 pages.


What means Toril?

The meaning of Toril is: Temperament

Web synthesis about this name:

...Toril is a busy lady as she both works in the home caring for her family and works away from home as well.
Toril is there for their use with no regard to how the harmony of nature is disrupted.
Toril is a graduate of the internationally renowned documentary photography course in newport.
Toril is doing her doctoral work on serpulids and introduced taxa.
Toril is the planet on which all forgotten realms games take place.
Toril is thankful although a bit suspicious of such nasty creatures as tiefling and minotaur.
Toril is so well covered in other products that its regions cannot possibly be covered as well here.
Toril is loved by his subjects due to the prosperity he has brought to pass.
Toril is a superb rustic style villa newly renovated 4 bedroom detached villa with private pool in the exclusive of rancho de la luz.
Toril is relatively small and mostly concentrated in one area.

What is the origin of name Toril? Probably Norway or Spain.

Toril spelled backwards is Lirot
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Tolir Rliot Rolit Ritol Ortil Irlot Lroti Ilotr Triol Orlit Ilrot Lrito Tliro Lotri
Misspells: Totil Torill Ttoril Toryl Tolil Toil Torila Troil Torli Toirl

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Toril Margrete Kvalness
Toril Antonie Borrmann
Toril Grande
Toril Trætten
Toril Maria Holte
Toril Aatland Oliversen
Toril Sørheim
Toril Bache Jenssen
Toril Enger
Toril Laugsand Nilsen
Toril Aarvik Westerfjell
Toril Aasebø
Toril Øien
Toril Andler Øyo
Toril Mølmen
Toril Andresen
Toril Heidenreich
Toril Alvilde Frøshaug
Toril Tørres
Toril Nervik
Toril Eid
Toril Kleiven
Toril Høyem
Toril Bogen
Toril Øren Husvik
Toril Gresli
Toril Høvik
Toril Åker
Toril Wahl Nilsen
Toril Fagerheim
Toril Helene Edvardsen
Toril Henningsen
Toril Rødstøl
Toril Vibeke Sehested
Toril Brandslet Tomac
Toril Ranstorp Tveter
Toril Volla
Toril Kringen
Toril Lunde Børsheim
Toril Vestvik
Toril Margareth Langnes
Toril Helstad
Toril Gilje
Toril Eidsmo
Toril Garborg
Toril Sjøberg
Toril Sollie Bjerkelund
Toril Ellinor Fjellseth