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The word Torgeir has a web popularity of 5680000 pages.


What means Torgeir?

The meaning of Torgeir is: Spear of Thor.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Torgeir is as much an inventor and visionary as a potter.

What is the origin of name Torgeir? Probably Norway or Denmark.

Torgeir spelled backwards is Riegrot
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Regorti Orriegt Rgeirot Irotger Rteigor Ritegor Geritro Rogeitr Ritroge Gtorrie Rerotgi
Misspells: Totgeir Ttorgeir Torgeyr Tolgeir Togeir Torgeira Trogeir Torgeri Torgier

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Torgeir Bergan
Torgeir Skare Thygesen
Torgeir Hegge
Torgeir Martin Hillestad
Torgeir Grini
Torgeir Folland
Torgeir Gjønnes
Torgeir Jon Færøy
Torgeir Svergja
Torgeir Rokkones
Torgeir Boska
Torgeir Øren Holandsli
Torgeir Olsen Bjørklund
Torgeir Skistad
Torgeir Wæge
Torgeir Strandberg
Torgeir Asser Hjorth
Torgeir Rosseland
Torgeir Steien
Torgeir Rud
Torgeir Lyngstad
Torgeir Waastad
Torgeir Solbakk
Torgeir Gunnerud
Torgeir Stavdal
Torgeir Flaatten
Torgeir Valvik Kvamme
Torgeir Kyrre Stalsberg
Torgeir Underdal
Torgeir Hals
Torgeir Toppe
Torgeir Mikalsen
Torgeir Skretting
Torgeir F Bjerkestrand
Torgeir Lyby Pettersen
Torgeir Louis Torgersen
Torgeir Blaalid
Torgeir Aalberg
Torgeir Alfheim
Torgeir Saltnes
Torgeir Mandt
Torgeir Furu
Torgeir Nordengen
Torgeir Hagensen
Torgeir Nordal Eikrem
Torgeir Kirkhorn Vada
Torgeir Holtborg Aae
Torgeir Harboe
Torgeir Dalene
Torgeir Haave Bentsen
Torgeir Tvenge
Torgeir Kaldestad
Torgeir Wærdahl
Torgeir Grødem
Torgeir Bye
Torgeir Wiig
Torgeir Lindtvedt Dalen