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The word Tordis has a web popularity of 84800 pages.


What means Tordis?

The meaning of Tordis is: Woman of Thor

Web synthesis about this name:

...Tordis is german and instructs the forwarding agency in bangkok with the procedure.
Tordis is a returning norwegian citizen who came to us after years in the us she was born and raised in norway.
Tordis is located between statfjord and gullfaks in the tampen spur area with tieback to gullfaks.

What is the origin of name Tordis? Probably Norway or Sweden.

Tordis spelled backwards is Sidrot
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Tosrid Sritdo Odsitr Rdisto Sotdir Stirod Dsoirt Idsotr Tosidr
Misspells: Totdis Ttordis Tordys Toldis Todis Tordi Tordisa Trodis Tordsi Torids

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Tordis Tordis Tordis Tordis Tordis

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Tordis Marie Brynildsen
Tordis Regine Midtgaard
Tordis Fosse
Tordis Irene Nyborg
Tordis Alette Johansen
Tordis Gilje Emberland
Tordis Seim Aas
Tordis Kverndal Hassel
Tordis Åmelfot
Tordis Rodem
Tordis Hansine Heitmann
Tordis Rindal Whist
Tordis Johanne Rullestad
Tordis Lunde Sæter
Tordis Kristine Bolstad
Tordis Løvlien
Tordis Eline Madsen
Tordis Sveen
Tordis Irene Karlsøen
Tordis Olsbø Nilsen
Tordis Ullebø Hole
Tordis Alvilde Sagvaag
Tordis Mary Mortensvik
Tordis Nelly L Wessel
Tordis Flo
Tordis Johanne Eriksen
Tordis Fjeldstad
Tordis Malene Lennavik
Tordis Lovise Kvilhaug
Tordis Bakke
Tordis H Hove
Tordis Bøhn
Tordis Taksdal
Tordis Jonsfet
Tordis Arnesen
Tordis Og Lyder Larsen
Tordis Tuntland
Tordis Stadheim
Tordis Brandsar
Tordis S Engevik
Tordis Johanna Grevstad
Tordis Sandmo
Tordis J Flosand Lande
Tordis Marie Hognestad
Tordis Bergljot Johnson
Tordis Dybvad Mathisen
Tordis Margrethe Røkkum
Tordis Helen Gangdal
Tordis Oen
Tordis Weeg
Tordis Angedal
Tordis Finnesand
Tordis Marie Nielsen
Tordis Elisabet Myhre
Tordis Struen Haugen
Tordis Digernes
Tordis Skeimo
Tordis Skjerdal
Tordis Edland
Tordis Gjervik
Tordis Holvik
Tordis Eiane Brosten
Tordis Skjerven
Tordis Dahling
Tordis Raaen Ellingsen
Tordis Molde
Tordis Laugerud
Tordis Rinaldo Lyall
Tordis Skullestad
Tordis Johanne Frydenlund
Tordis Solaas
Tordis Lye
Tordis Karin Johnsen
Tordis Yttri Skarsbø
Tordis Anette Albrigtsen
Tordis Kvam
Tordis Veire Jensen
Tordis Rike
Tordis Fjellvang
Tordis Kampesveen
Tordis Oline Bye
Tordis Olea Danielsen
Tordis Hjelmtveit
Tordis Glenne
Tordis Mathilde Stensrud
Tordis Eikrem
Tordis Ingrida Røseth
Tordis Fredbjørg Stave
Tordis Marie Roer
Tordis Hjelmeland
Tordis Nesvik
Tordis Elisabeth Økland
Tordis Og Sverre Hana
Tordis Haugen
Tordis Bjerkomp
Tordis Bøe
Tordis Marie Bergsnov
Tordis Ingun Høilo
Tordis Hauge
Tordis Heimdal
Tordis Aareskjold
Tordis Dolvik
Tordis Karin Thu
Tordis Ringheim
Tordis Reidun Sørlie
Tordis Røysland
Tordis Kinn
Tordis Ingeborg Jacobsen
Tordis Kvassheim
Tordis Synnøve Rosseland
Tordis Flatås
Tordis Friis
Tordis Borgan Suleng
Tordis Hareide
Tordis Gulbrandsen
Tordis Solborg Gaup
Tordis Sæta Sundet