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What means Tilla?

The meaning of Tilla is: 1) Variant form of Thilda

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...Tilla is reeds jaren bezig met haar persoonlijke ontwikkeling.
Tilla is unique and she found that out only when she was 16 years old after being admitted to hospital with acute appendicitis.
Tilla is shown here standing outside the station reading a book.
Tilla is situated on the right bank of river yamuna.
Tilla is believed to be the base camp in the national capital.
Tilla is aged ten and lives in london in finchley central.
Tilla is married has a fine boy 14 months old lives with us.
Tilla is a smaller formation that rises up from the bottom like a small hill.
Tilla is a bukharan gold coin equivalent to eighteen tangas.
Tilla is the best of the units it was marketed under a number of marques.

What is the origin of name Tilla? Probably Italy or Norway.

Tilla spelled backwards is Allit
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Tiall Lalit Lialt Llait Tlali Alitl Laitl Ilalt Talli
Misspells: Tills Tillla Ttilla Tylla Tillaa Tlila Tilal

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Tilla Tilla Tilla Tilla Tilla
Tilla Tilla Tilla Tilla Tilla

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Tilla Elisabet Instefjord
Tilla Duesund
Tilla Lovise Strand
Tilla Fredrikke Myrvold
Tilla Odden
Tilla Marie Mangseth
Tilla Lien Solli
Tilla Lund Minge
Tilla Katrine Øygard
Tilla M Hesselberg
Tilla Hilleren
Tilla Egeberg
Tilla Helland
Tilla Røkenes
Tilla Farnes Hennum
Tilla Marie Skjelbred
Tilla Wike Schmitz
Tilla Vilberg
Tilla Tobiasson Skårbekk