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The word Sverre has a web popularity of 1280000 pages.


What means Sverre?

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...Sverre is working toward a master ciw administrator or master ciw enterprise developer certification.
Sverre is yet another cog in the swedish ski machine that travels the globe each season dominating professional skiing competitions.
Sverre is 42 years old and he is sverre kahrs racing in person.
Sverre is responsible for taking the pictures on the cover.
Sverre is a norwegian name descended from the times of the old norse.
Sverre is my level designer and he is always coming up with really cool architecture.
Sverre is going to far when he claims that becker works with outdated concepts.
Sverre is getting a crash course in portuguese today.
Sverre is working with geoff and beth to address these shortcomings.
Sverre is setting up a group to organise the planning of the lhc testbed for which there should be a representative from our group.

What is the origin of name Sverre? Probably Norway or Sweden.

Sverre spelled backwards is Errevs
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Sveerr Vrerse Erresv Esrevr Vreesr Rreesv Vseerr Revres Rseevr Rrevse
Misspells: Svetre Swerre Svelre Svere Verre Sverrea Sevrre Sverer

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Sverre Skibenes
Sverre Opsahl
Sverre Geir Istad
Sverre O Aslaksen
Sverre Bry
Sverre Siggstedt
Sverre Leon Larsen
Sverre Rødland
Sverre Thu
Sverre Hegstad
Sverre Sundberg
Sverre Noel Klausen
Sverre Boge
Sverre Nyvoll
Sverre Folkedal
Sverre Kvale
Sverre Østbye Røed
Sverre Husom
Sverre Engedal
Sverre Gabriel Kvakkestad
Sverre Heggheim
Sverre Norman Thon
Sverre Tesdal
Sverre Odland
Sverre Mohn
Sverre Ohnstad
Sverre Jan Rønneberg
Sverre Markussen
Sverre Johnny Bjellebø
Sverre Fredheim
Sverre Osland Netland
Sverre Emil Amdal
Sverre Gaarden
Sverre Rolsdorph
Sverre Hustoft
Sverre Olav Engevold
Sverre Vallestad
Sverre Norvald Jonassen
Sverre Hagelin
Sverre Sten Hjetland
Sverre Berntsen
Sverre Johan Fløysand
Sverre A Clasen
Sverre Johan Hegge
Sverre Magnus Sæle
Sverre Johan Vågen
Sverre Drønen
Sverre Aurstad
Sverre Gjersvold
Sverre Gilje
Sverre Røkenes
Sverre Sivertsen
Sverre Valstad
Sverre Skaret
Sverre Jr Skyberg
Sverre Gravvold
Sverre Sandstrøm
Sverre Skjæveland
Sverre Skotnes
Sverre Leirvik
Sverre Rolijordet
Sverre Vedvik
Sverre Vassbotn
Sverre Mathias Lillebakk
Sverre Nord
Sverre Sydberg Micro Sim
Sverre Førsund
Sverre Halden
Sverre Bernt Ormøy
Sverre Ræder
Sverre Risøy
Sverre Aasmund Kjærstad
Sverre Jekteberg
Sverre Sørebø
Sverre Vesterhus
Sverre Trygve Negaard
Sverre A Jr Melvik
Sverre Thomas Jacobsen
Sverre Riis Rasmussen
Sverre Arnold Nordal
Sverre Erling Jonassen
Sverre Kjærland Olsen
Sverre Noralf Staverløkk
Sverre Stockinger
Sverre Salomonsen Woldvik
Sverre Henriksen
Sverre Redtrøen
Sverre Håkon Rehnstrøm
Sverre Kvalsund
Sverre Brandal
Sverre Holmen
Sverre Glørstad
Sverre Olav Dahler
Sverre Rongved
Sverre Øvergaard
Sverre Evenhus
Sverre Gjersvik
Sverre Arnold Viken
Sverre Andreas Nysveen
Sverre Haugen
Sverre Martin Knarvik
Sverre Dag Baastad
Sverre Skrugstad
Sverre Andreas Romsdal
Sverre Fornes
Sverre Morten Zahl
Sverre Rønning
Sverre Strømmen
Sverre Sander
Sverre Dybdahl
Sverre Måkestad
Sverre Anderssen