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The word Svanhild has a web popularity of 1140000 pages.


What means Svanhild?

The meaning of Svanhild is: Swan and battle

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...Svanhild is one of the largest projects completed by hfs.
Svanhild is een vrouw die ten aanzien van mannen zeer aanstootgevend gedrag vertoont.
Svanhild is the girl who came bravely to america last fall full of hope and ambition.
Svanhild is married and trampled to death under the hooves of horses.

What is the origin of name Svanhild? Probably Norway or Sweden.

Svanhild spelled backwards is Dlihnavs
This name has 8 letters: 2 vowels (25.00%) and 6 consonants (75.00%).

Misspells: Svsnhild Svanhilld Svanhyld Swanhild Vanhild Svanhilda Savnhild Svanhidl Svanhlid

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Svanhild Svanhild Svanhild Svanhild Svanhild
Svanhild Svanhild Svanhild Svanhild Svanhild

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Svanhild Vedå
Svanhild Kjenner
Svanhild Gramford
Svanhild Høystakli
Svanhild Waldal Sveen
Svanhild Sørensen
Svanhild Anda
Svanhild Viktoria Holter
Svanhild Marie Neteland
Svanhild Idun Lien
Svanhild Ranveig Myran
Svanhild Røstad
Svanhild Nibstad
Svanhild Kjær
Svanhild Skarpnes
Svanhild Bentsen
Svanhild Lingeberg
Svanhild Nesheim
Svanhild Stavdal
Svanhild Helene Sivertsen
Svanhild Berit Raknes
Svanhild Furuberg Sundal
Svanhild Sofie Larsen
Svanhild Dagfrid Simonsen
Svanhild Tone Flaaten
Svanhild Irene Didriksen
Svanhild Judith Vikestad
Svanhild Irene Austefjord
Svanhild Stokke
Svanhild Johansen
Svanhild Vatsend
Svanhild Holme
Svanhild Rusten
Svanhild Kalvø
Svanhild Varlid Kvamme
Svanhild Lohne Gokstad
Svanhild Alida Olsen
Svanhild Magnny Alvestad
Svanhild Tone Barka
Svanhild Midthun
Svanhild Halvorsen
Svanhild Huse Eriksen
Svanhild Bergljot Sundby
Svanhild Smeland
Svanhild Thunes
Svanhild Rambøl
Svanhild Hogstad
Svanhild Karin Berntsen
Svanhild Åsli
Svanhild Toppe
Svanhild Røyrhus
Svanhild Myklebust
Svanhild Farnes
Svanhild Halden Kjelsberg
Svanhild Helene Berg
Svanhild Nessa
Svanhild Liv Wold
Svanhild Dyrstad
Svanhild Øiamo Øiamo
Svanhild Beston
Svanhild Birgit Harøy
Svanhild Hagelund
Svanhild Nordnes
Svanhild Øyre
Svanhild Sæverås
Svanhild Korsnes Teigen
Svanhild Sofie Isaksen
Svanhild Alsvik
Svanhild Nielsen
Svanhild R Nyttingnes
Svanhild Hauge Tomren
Svanhild Hals Strøm
Svanhild Olava Syvertsen
Svanhild Alvilde Andersen
Svanhild Petrine Hansen
Svanhild Kiil Gamst
Svanhild Runde
Svanhild Annie Celin
Svanhild Marhaug
Svanhild Holstad
Svanhild Elise Elnes
Svanhild Pauline Leirvik
Svanhild Evensen
Svanhild Sprakehaug
Svanhild Johanne Benedek
Svanhild Strømme
Svanhild Sæle
Svanhild Nerli
Svanhild Lundby
Svanhild Andrea Bærøy
Svanhild Kvande
Svanhild Eikeland
Svanhild Linnea Gresdahl
Svanhild Sande Kvistad
Svanhild Prestegard
Svanhild Mellum
Svanhild Watn
Svanhild Aalvik
Svanhild M Zakariassen
Svanhild Elly Giskemo
Svanhild Jacobsen
Svanhild Margaret Hansen
Svanhild Egeli
Svanhild Leonora Stølan
Svanhild Henie Krangnes
Svanhild Fjørtoft
Svanhild Rasmussen
Svanhild Winsnes
Svanhild Førre
Svanhild Øvregaard
Svanhild Løbak
Svanhild Slåtten
Svanhild Myklebostad
Svanhild Skjelbakken
Svanhild Aarsand
Svanhild Olaug Bergsagel
Svanhild Bratberg
Svanhild Marie Volden
Svanhild Målfrid Reitan
Svanhild Åsheim
Svanhild Margot Myklebust
Svanhild Knudsen
Svanhild Jakobsen Stava
Svanhild Konstanse Langmo
Svanhild Heimtun
Svanhild Pettersen
Svanhild Leinum
Svanhild Lilleng
Svanhild Fossås
Svanhild Urhom
Svanhild Alvilde Sjursen
Svanhild Øvergård
Svanhild Helene Ellingsen
Svanhild Røren
Svanhild Alice Danielsen
Svanhild Annie Johansen
Svanhild Rysjedal Laastad
Svanhild Libak Hansen
Svanhild Huse
Svanhild Oline Afseth
Svanhild Vormeland
Svanhild Didriksen
Svanhild Hevrøy
Svanhild Barvik
Svanhild Bjørnevold
Svanhild Klungland
Svanhild Hjulstad
Svanhild Ringheim
Svanhild Garshol
Svanhild Bakken
Svanhild Skjølberg
Svanhild Oddny Myhre
Svanhild Pauline Johansen
Svanhild Maria Varhaug
Svanhild Monstad
Svanhild Nesse Husøy
Svanhild Myre
Svanhild Mælen
Svanhild Moen
Svanhild Hansen
Svanhild Solvang
Svanhild Drejer Hamre
Svanhild Dypvik
Svanhild Blikra
Svanhild Emilie Thorbeck
Svanhild Maria Ryssdal
Svanhild Seim
Svanhild Lillehamre
Svanhild Alvilde Valstad
Svanhild Sletta
Svanhild Strandvik
Svanhild Utsi
Svanhild Holen
Svanhild Wilhelmine Helle
Svanhild Sætre
Svanhild Ryen
Svanhild Vist
Svanhild Thorsvik Sæther
Svanhild Sønsteby
Svanhild Maudal
Svanhild Mørken Strand
Svanhild Thomsen
Svanhild Bolsø
Svanhild Henriksen
Svanhild Holgersen
Svanhild Petra Hoddevik
Svanhild Vikene Seljebotn
Svanhild Reksten
Svanhild Steiro
Svanhild Lothe
Svanhild Soltvedt
Svanhild Haugerud
Svanhild Eldrid Johansen
Svanhild Helgeland
Svanhild Høyem Askim
Svanhild Aabø
Svanhild G Garberg Finvik
Svanhild Falch
Svanhild Villa Nesje
Svanhild Flatebø Selle
Svanhild A Oldereide
Svanhild Tafjord