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The word Stine has a web popularity of 22100000 pages.


What means Stine?

The meaning of Stine is: Stone

inger says: What means Stine? The meaning of Stine is: Stone

Stine says: The name Stine origins from Christine which means Christen - someone who believes in Jesus Christ

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...Stine is also using other cutting edge technology in our laboratories to develop new corn and soybean products.
Stine is the curator of engineering and environmental history at the national museum of american history.
Stine is dedicated to doing everything he can to encourage literacy for kids.
Stine is also a member of the magazine high school booster club.
Stine is currently the chairman and ceo of work force centers of america.
Stine is a very prolific author and deserves his credit.
Stine is a fearless defender of conservative causes.
Stine is an international celebrity due to the explosion of the goosebumps books.
Stine is a leading breeder and supplier of hybrid corn and soybean seed.
Stine is the leading supplier of soybean genetics in early maturing varieties.

What is the origin of name Stine? Probably Norway or Denmark.

Stine spelled backwards is Enits
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Steni Tnise Itens Tisne Niets Sient Nsiet Netsi Nteis Sinte Tiens Neits Senit Etsin
Misspells: Sttine Styne Tine Stinea Sitne Stien Stnie

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Stine Hoel Varvin
Stine Eileen Martinsen
Stine Robberstad Grutle
Stine Haugen Rolfsen
Stine Sandnes Henriksen
Stine Mytting Boge
Stine Erdal Kristiansen
Stine Andreassen
Stine Sagmoen
Stine Sæterbakken
Stine Eriksson Jakobsen
Stine Krøger Gaska
Stine M Christophersen
Stine Lastein
Stine Kværnø
Stine Juulseth
Stine Langemyr
Stine Mostad Bjørklund
Stine Klausen Klausen
Stine Duus Dahl
Stine Juklestad Kvammen
Stine Krutvik
Stine Norveel Semb
Stine Fossdal
Stine Bråthen
Stine Beate Benjaminsen
Stine Andrea Heggen
Stine Stadskleiv Winnæss
Stine Gine Urdahl
Stine Selmer Thorgersen
Stine K Dvergsnes
Stine Kjos Torstensrud
Stine Vatle
Stine Pedersen Johansen
Stine Krogh
Stine Margrethe Blakstad
Stine Haslestad
Stine Marie Hvidevold
Stine Solodden
Stine Lillebø Hopland
Stine Krey
Stine Myhr
Stine Skipnes
Stine M Farstad Myklebust
Stine Visnes
Stine M Granheim
Stine B Strømberg
Stine Marie Tuxen
Stine B Svensson Arstad
Stine Harestad
Stine Bolme
Stine Kallevik
Stine Marie Birkeland
Stine Marit Moen
Stine Gabrielsen
Stine Ringen Rogstad
Stine Karterud
Stine Bauge
Stine Granlien Slåen
Stine Reinfjell
Stine Linnerud
Stine Lian
Stine Bjørndal
Stine Indahl
Stine Marthinsen
Stine Sveum
Stine Eirin Sørgjerd
Stine Sørum Haugen
Stine Gunnesdal
Stine Bratli Danielsen
Stine Kolstad
Stine Stensvold
Stine Wæren
Stine Tessem Tangen
Stine Grete Markeng
Stine Giskehaug