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The word Stein has a web popularity of 168000000 pages.


What means Stein?

The meaning of Stein is: Stone

Stein says: Stein > viking name aka øistein, in english - Apple of my eye.

Nicole Stein says: I live in Vancouver and am 12 yearlings old, m'y Family s from'Austria

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What is the origin of name Stein? Probably Norway or France.

Stein spelled backwards is Niets
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Tiesn Enits Etnis Tesin Senit Netsi Isent Itnes Seitn Tenis Inets Neist Sniet
Misspells: Sttein Steyn Tein Steina Setin Steni Stien

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Stein Stein Stein Stein Stein

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Stein Kato Bendixen
Stein Josefsen
Stein Even Nybjerkan
Stein Erik Skjelsvold
Stein Mohn
Stein Allison Grønning
Stein Otto Rode
Stein Skjønberg
Stein Harald Aasnes
Stein Følling Normann
Stein Allan Hallgeir Åmo
Stein Olav Engebakken
Stein Gunnar Hustveit
Stein Atle Thomassen
Stein Borch Olsen
Stein Inge Stølen
Stein Rune Fidjeland
Stein Lilledal
Stein Jøraasen
Stein Åge Lysgård
Stein Erik Haugård
Stein Henning Myhrer
Stein Roar Stenmark
Stein Olav Hauge
Stein Vidar Helset
Stein Are Olausen
Stein Erik Mølmen
Stein Karlsen
Stein Håvik
Stein Andre Jakobsen
Stein Inge Steffensen
Stein Rørvik
Stein Terje Omdal
Stein Helgeneseth
Stein Adler
Stein Myrmel
Stein Nerdal
Stein Birger Haaland
Stein Eiliv Liset
Stein Engeseth
Stein Willy Røkenes
Stein Kollstrøm
Stein Åge Brækkan
Stein Lund
Stein Tvedt
Stein Olav Nyvoll
Stein Are Sælemyr
Stein Tore Sjøli
Stein Arne Stangeland
Stein Eilif Stødle