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The word Solveig has a web popularity of 29200000 pages.


What means Solveig?

The meaning of Solveig is: House of power

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...Solveig is a featured dancer and you might catch her locally.
Solveig is one of the founding members of pr consultants group.
Solveig is wearing shorts as she is skiing the prepared ski track of about 15 km.
Solveig is so pure that peer admits that he will not soil her.
Solveig is now blind in bouth eyes but if you still have a good eye.
Solveig is eating pieces of bread and red jam with a fork.
Solveig is the first female adult film star of color to own.
Solveig is the only high school faculty member who served at all phases of yo hi from up on the bluff in yokohama to the beach and.
Solveig is being followed by an early intervention team.
Solveig is the first adult film star of color that took on roles as producer.

What is the origin of name Solveig? Probably Norway or Sweden.

Solveig spelled backwards is Gievlos
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Levogsi Olgievs Lveigos Igosvel Gseivol Lisevog Velisgo Goveisl Gislove Vsolgie Gelosvi
Misspells: Sollveig Solveyg Solweig Olveig Solveiga Sloveig Solvegi Solvieg

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Solveig Løvf
Solveig Langaard Olsen
Solveig Brodal
Solveig Krokvik
Solveig Melby
Solveig Otilie Lvsmoen
Solveig Marie Gjengedal
Solveig Aline Foss
Solveig Tveitan
Solveig Agnes Hansen
Solveig Inger Grorud
Solveig Aaserud Moe
Solveig Omdal
Solveig Wiwian Eriksen
Solveig Nettum Smedby
Solveig Kristensen
Solveig Friberg Heggedal
Solveig Renate Libeck
Solveig Skarnes
Solveig Gustad
Solveig Brunstad
Solveig Helen Stene
Solveig Irene Kolltveit
Solveig Clausen
Solveig Anne Gustavsen
Solveig Tisell
Solveig Skogen
Solveig Nygard
Solveig Brekke
Solveig Tollefsrud
Solveig Tredal
Solveig Liv Utne
Solveig Olufine Bårdsen
Solveig Marie Underlid
Solveig Paula Johanson
Solveig Præsthus
Solveig Marie Haugli
Solveig Hauglid
Solveig Klausen
Solveig Marie Lundgård
Solveig Stamnes
Solveig Alvilde Øverli
Solveig Therese Løtvedt