Snefrid - details and analysis   

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The word Snefrid has a web popularity of 9650 pages.


What means Snefrid?

The meaning of Snefrid is: Norwegian variant form of Snøfrid

What is the origin of name Snefrid? Probably Norway or Sweden.

Snefrid spelled backwards is Dirfens
This name has 7 letters: 2 vowels (28.57%) and 5 consonants (71.43%).

Anagrams: Rfidsen
Misspells: Sneftid Snefryd Sneflid Snefid Nefrid Snefrida Senfrid Snefrdi Snefird

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Snefrid Snefrid Snefrid Snefrid

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Snefrid Bredesen
Snefrid Jacobsen
Snefrid Sunde
Snefrid Konstanse Ravnå
Snefrid Frandsen
Snefrid Adele Johansen
Snefrid Marian Olsen
Snefrid Frøvik
Snefrid Løvdal
Snefrid Shorter
Snefrid Gaalaas
Snefrid Høiby
Snefrid Rognmo
Snefrid Haugli
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Snefrid Annie Olsen
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Snefrid Jeanette Fjelde
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Snefrid Lien
Snefrid Nordtug
Snefrid Smith
Snefrid Aasand Dalen
Snefrid Møllersen
Snefrid Rosenvinge
Snefrid Anja Småge
Snefrid I Thobru
Snefrid Kirsten Hagen
Snefrid Rasch
Snefrid Irene Haune
Snefrid Klementsen
Snefrid Bukkøy
Snefrid Irene Hansen
Snefrid Sørlien
Snefrid Jensine Øvre
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