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The word Sigrid has a web popularity of 25000000 pages.


What means Sigrid?

The meaning of Sigrid is: Fair victory

Gustaaf says: How many gustaaf's in THE Netherlands?

Web synthesis about this name:

...Sigrid is loved and respected by the australian public not just because of the sympathetic roles she has played but because the general public perceives sigrid.
Sigrid is in charge of designing and implementing the international expansion of the mentornet program.
Sigrid is also a member of the australian film institute and women in film and television and was the chairperson on a taskforce set up to make recommendations.
Sigrid is also on the examination board for iseb certification of testers.
Sigrid is an alphanumeric coding of ice chart information obtained by overlaying a grid on the original paper chart and encoding the ice information in each.
Sigrid is a member of the voice and choral faculty of st.
Sigrid is a language based on the guarded command notation of dijkstra and gries.
Sigrid is a textile artist who brings with her a wide range of fiber skills.
Sigrid is a human rights and environmental activist and stood as an independent in the last general election as a cross.
Sigrid is also a member of the australian film institute and women in film and television and is currently the chairperson on a taskforce set up to make.

What is the origin of name Sigrid? Probably Norway or Germany.

Sigrid spelled backwards is Dirgis
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Sidgir Dgisri Irdisg Gridsi Disrig Dsigir Rdiigs Sidirg
Misspells: Sigtid Sygrid Siglid Sigid Igrid Sigrida Sgirid Sigrdi Sigird

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Sigrid Oddlaug Jøraas
Sigrid Åsbø
Sigrid Lüllau
Sigrid Bøe Lysne
Sigrid Gravem
Sigrid Skeivoll
Sigrid M Seim
Sigrid Emelie Sætrang
Sigrid Moen
Sigrid Kvaal
Sigrid Engseth
Sigrid Velle
Sigrid Bu
Sigrid Emilie Walseth
Sigrid Mellingen
Sigrid Heistad
Sigrid Vintermyr
Sigrid Holden
Sigrid Lothe Vinsjansen
Sigrid Sletnes
Sigrid Iversen
Sigrid Eugenia Gerdin
Sigrid Sjo Odland
Sigrid Frantzen
Sigrid Bolstad
Sigrid Terjesen
Sigrid Olaussen
Sigrid Berthilde Nilsen
Sigrid Haaland
Sigrid Lillian Bratteteig
Sigrid Beate Eskeland
Sigrid Saxhaug Heggdal
Sigrid T Nedrebø
Sigrid Nes Holgersen
Sigrid Libjå
Sigrid Jenny Flakstad
Sigrid Krogh
Sigrid Kandal Husjord
Sigrid Dorthea Bjerke
Sigrid Berger
Sigrid Berntine Thomassen
Sigrid Loftheim
Sigrid Solhaug
Sigrid Halvorsen
Sigrid Olsrud
Sigrid Hovden
Sigrid Otterlei