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What means Signe?

The meaning of Signe is: New victory

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...Signe is shown in a tooltip window when your mouse hovers over the icon.
Signe is shown in a tooltip window when your cursor is over the icon.
Signe is too keen on honeymooning at an anime con though.
Signe is able to join her parents on their new farm in oshkosh.
Signe is dedicated to my father who died tragically.
Signe is a graduate of concordia university wisconsin.
Signe is a young company created by yves and pierre marchais.
Signe is currently working towards certification in aromatherapy.
Signe is preceded in death by her parents and four siblings.
Signe is what you will call a typical skandinavian girl.

What is the origin of name Signe? Probably Norway or Denmark.

Signe spelled backwards is Engis
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Sieng Genis Giens Ngeis Sgeni Egisn Neisg Niegs Igens Negis Sengi
Misspells: Sygne Igne Signea Sgine Sigen Singe

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Signe Ask
Signe Sævik Monsen
Signe Anny Elseth
Signe Merethe Skogholt
Signe Oliva Hansen
Signe Weitemeyer Firing
Signe Mobæk Pedersen
Signe Hjalmara Berg
Signe Petra Johansen
Signe Bakke
Signe Kari Ljunggren
Signe Maria Løvlie
Signe Snekkerhaugen
Signe Sletto Uldal
Signe Ravnåsen
Signe Pauline Sæthre
Signe Ulset
Signe Ovesen Hay
Signe Johanne Giske
Signe Langdal
Signe Helene Tørvolt
Signe Huse
Signe Enger Eldevik
Signe Marie Arvesen
Signe Teresia Klæboe
Signe Molvær
Signe Margrethe Johansen
Signe Marie Lønning
Signe Therese Johansen
Signe Sende Sende Osen
Signe Annie Sæterbakk
Signe Grethe Elverhøy
Signe Brandsæther Larsen
Signe Bergsmo
Signe Haraldsen
Signe Jordet Jervell
Signe Brochmann
Signe Astrup Arnesen
Signe Paula Albertsen
Signe Ousdal
Signe Grøthe
Signe Kårstad
Signe Karin Brevik
Signe Marie Stray Ryssdal
Signe Simones
Signe Ulla Lahelle Rabl
Signe Lise Wiborg
Signe Lilly Fines
Signe Runningen
Signe Petrine Høvik