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The word Nils has a web popularity of 73900000 pages.


What means Nils?

The meaning of Nils is: Victory of the people

Web synthesis about this name:

...Nils is ultimately responsible for overall business activity in canada.
Nils is a wondeful story written by the famous swedish author named selma lagerlef.
Nils is taken place every monday evening at the conference room in nils.
Nils is having a great time and vin gives an informal invite for him to come on the show again.
Nils is a joint project between the usdi bureau of land management and usda forest service to produce a common date.
Nils is first postal officer at the post terminal in oslo.
Nils is an author of three mathematics texts written by the university of chicago school mathematics project.
Nils is often asked to address the subject of oil and other forms of pollution.
Nils is a person who can break everything that torvald has.
Nils is taking to the road in late october and early november for shows in ontario and a mini tour in british columbia.

What is the origin of name Nils? Probably Norway or Sweden.

Nils spelled backwards is Slin
This name has 4 letters: 1 vowels (25.00%) and 3 consonants (75.00%).

Anagrams: Nisl Slin Snil Sinl Lins
Misspells: Nills Nyls Nil Nilsa Nlis Nisl

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Nils Grini
Nils Erlend Røinaas
Nils Gaute Prestmo
Nils Peter Giske
Nils Eri Mikalsen
Nils Roger Westheim
Nils Liebich
Nils Petter Schjelderup
Nils Kolsrud
Nils Arne H Kibsgaard
Nils Heskestad
Nils Tore Klock
Nils Juan Johansen
Nils Turi
Nils Fredric Bergman
Nils M. Straume
Nils Erik Hogne
Nils Henry Trovåg
Nils Ingvald Norheim
Nils Bjørn Nilsen
Nils Børge Botten
Nils Georg Melsæter
Nils Kåre Træen
Nils Markus Nilsson
Nils Magnus Bogren
Nils Seldal
Nils Edvard Bergheim
Nils Korten
Nils Stenberg
Nils Bjerketvedt
Nils Skoglund
Nils Erik Eie
Nils Visnes
Nils Lykkja
Nils Erik Strømnes
Nils Tommy Hageland
Nils Andreas Bergqvist
Nils Kjøsnes
Nils Gudmund Guttormsen
Nils Opsahl
Nils Magnus Ulvik
Nils Emil Eide
Nils Jørgen Brå
Nils Kristoffer Røren
Nils Torbjørn Lauritsen
Nils Einar Havrevold
Nils André Kragholm
Nils Nyhus
Nils Arild Ringheim
Nils Harald Haugli
Nils Daniel Ljung
Nils Martinius Lie
Nils Olav Tangvik
Nils Harald Solli
Nils Johan Eira
Nils Magnus Vea
Nils Edvard Aanerød
Nils Christian Rong Eide
Nils Miljeteig
Nils Øygjord
Nils Eikeland
Nils Jostein Hetland
Nils Viktor Jäder
Nils Emil Kvalheim
Nils Arne Knarvik
Nils Broen
Nils Petter Albrektsen
Nils Norheim
Nils Petter Sem
Nils Tore Melkevik
Nils Erik Hernes
Nils Albertsen
Nils Magnus Eliassen
Nils Olav Heltne
Nils Inge Nybø
Nils B Aslaksen
Nils Johan Gjendem
Nils Rune Bue
Nils Ivar Damm
Nils Christian Thomsen
Nils Tonny Bransfjell
Nils H Gresse
Nils Tore Puntervold
Nils Vestøl