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The word Martha has a web popularity of 36200000 pages.


What means Martha?

The meaning of Martha is: Lady

Web synthesis about this name:

...Martha is dancing in butternut time this is a work of fiction.
Martha is a highly respected realtor recognized for her sound industry knowledge.
Martha is worried about many things that distract her from really being present to him.
Martha is to love her one of the joys of being editor of a community newspaper is the neat people who cross your path during the course of a day.
Martha is a bb crowninshield design built at wf stone boat yard in san francisco.
Martha is a perfectionist who obsesses over every dish.
Martha is constructing the cart for her covered wagon.
Martha is a perfectionist in her trade and fusses over each and ever dish she serves.
Martha is just an ordinary dog until the day she eats a bowl of alphabet soup.
Martha is lacking something in the fulfillment department as she channels all of her emotional energies into.

What is the origin of name Martha? Probably Mexico or UK.

Martha spelled backwards is Ahtram
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Ramaht Ahramt Htaamr Atramh
Misspells: Msrtha Mattha Marttha Maltha Matha Marthaa Mratha Martah Marhta

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Martha Martha Martha Martha Martha

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Martha Vik
Martha Framstad
Martha Østrem
Martha Rolland Jacobsen
Martha Michelsen
Martha Kristine Engø
Martha Terjesen
Martha Elsa Paula Renate
Martha Hansine Torsvik
Martha Rødde
Martha Elisabeth Haugen
Martha Nilsskog
Martha Nordmark
Martha Irene Rørvik
Martha Røinås
Martha Bugge Sandnes
Martha Seljeseth
Martha Kongsrud
Martha Andrine Støbakk
Martha Norheim
Martha Annie Karlsson
Martha Nordrum
Martha Sundfør
Martha Lovise Toven
Martha Patricia Berge
Martha Lein
Martha Julius Mwaiselage
Martha Myklebust
Martha Teodora Søyland
Martha Grande
Martha Mazaln
Martha Letmolie
Martha Tove Bruvik Meyer
Martha Algrøy
Martha Johannessen
Martha Nilsina Fjell
Martha Ingrid Fjeldstad
Martha Trønnes
Martha Grini Nordlien
Martha Søbak
Martha Årdal
Martha A Aarsvold Almås
Martha Haraldsen
Martha Synnøve Nilsen
Martha Grini
Martha Sofie Hovde Hansen
Martha Karina Merland
Martha Torvik Hansen
Martha R Nordhuus
Martha Regine Aspen
Martha Søyland
Martha Kristanse Ulveseth
Martha Skog Astrup
Martha Trollsås Sæther
Martha Eikenes
Martha Mathilde Eriksen
Martha Hessen
Martha Enge
Martha Julie Lervik
Martha Westheim
Martha Selfors
Martha Sæstad Endresen
Martha Kristensen
Martha Haug
Martha Bjørnsson
Martha Marie Nybø
Martha Landa
Martha Olea Nilsen
Martha Ragna Lie
Martha Kjellevold
Martha Grønås Dybvik
Martha Dalen
Martha Torp Johansen
Martha Brit Vik
Martha T Fleischer Juvet
Martha Marie Hagenes
Martha Helene Wendelbo
Martha Arnesen
Martha Marie Johansen
Martha Haldis Jørgensen
Martha Hansengen
Martha Hagen Mellum
Martha Oline Baastad
Martha Alfheim
Martha Marie Guvåg
Martha Giraldo
Martha Nylund
Martha H Remen
Martha Ovidia Nordlie
Martha Dalseng
Martha Andrea Arnevik
Martha Skar
Martha Sollid
Martha Rømen
Martha Elias Ibrahim
Martha Lohne
Martha Kristine Brunstad
Martha Susanne Mo
Martha Amalia Vindenes
Martha Stavnes
Martha Jørgine Nordahl
Martha Melbye
Martha H Lauvland
Martha Garshol
Martha Woll
Martha Wersland
Martha Holt Skarelven
Martha Smelien
Martha Boge Stol
Martha Ragnhilde Raustein
Martha Eidnes
Martha Karin Norheim
Martha Kolobekken
Martha Klara Johnsen
Martha Gullesen
Martha Charlotte Sevland
Martha Sørensen
Martha Pauline Slettli
Martha Fredriksen
Martha Karia Aga
Martha Emilie Mysliwski
Martha Hamnevoll
Martha Olene Vistnes
Martha Inger Edvardsen
Martha Evje
Martha Kristine Kofoed
Martha Smevik
Martha Buene Wilkensen
Martha Ovidie Juvik
Martha Aursland
Martha Larsen
Martha Alida Storbakk
Martha Elise Kvamme
Martha Grønning
Martha Risto
Martha Kveum
Martha Segadal Langeland