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The word Markus has a web popularity of 35200000 pages.


What means Markus?

The meaning of Markus is: Warlike

philip says: im norwegian

Web synthesis about this name:

...Markus is professor of management and information science at the peter f.
Markus is widely known as the last person to give up on a settlement.
Markus is an endearing child who likes to listen to music and dance.
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Markus is widely known for his touchguitar work as well as his playing with the mighty centrozoon.
Markus is a fellow of the american society of laser medicine and surgery.
Markus is faced with keeping the peace in a growing new world order.
Markus is at the moment using the find person function.
Markus is a member of the board of directors and is also serving as a managing advisor for universal players ltd.
Markus is named after his great grandfather who captained a tall ship.

What is the origin of name Markus? Probably Germany or Switzerland.

Markus spelled backwards is Sukram
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Masruk Srumka Aksumr Rkusma Samkur Smurak Ksaurm Uksamr Masukr
Misspells: Msrkus Matkus Malkus Makus Marku Markusa Mrakus Marksu Maruks

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Markus Myhr Stavns
Markus Yttergård Jenssen
Markus Eriksen Skyrud
Markus Svendsen
Markus Bensnes
Markus Elias Grnberg
Markus Bruun
Markus Kummer
Markus Bjrnsen
Markus Skoglund Indal
Markus Seljeseth Olsen
Markus Kristian Valtanen
Markus Ilmari Rosenborg
Markus Sonnenberg
Markus Rdne Hansen
Markus Jakobsen Langseth
Markus Kristoffer Olsen
Markus Øien Madsen
Markus Nafstad Nakken
Markus Ferh