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The word Marit has a web popularity of 5210000 pages.


What means Marit?

The meaning of Marit is: Pearl

Marit says: Oh come on. My name must be more common Than that!

Barry says: How are you ? I live in Alaska now

Web synthesis about this name:

...Marit is a kardasi citizen on special service with the tiv durango.
Marit is located in an old residential quarter in a very quiet area which is about 300 metres from a main street with a connection by tram.
Marit is not the only commoner to marry into the royal family this year.
Marit is marit larsen at both the chat and the boards.
Marit is located in an older residential quarter in a very quiet area which is about 300 metres of the main street with connection by tram.
Marit is soon finishing her three years studing occupational therapy.
Marit is the norwegian and swedish form of margaret.
Marit is the one who is expected to produce an heir.
Marit is the culprit because both will show up as uid 100 in the systems.
Marit is a licensed social worker and has served in various positions including director of social services for 15 years at plymouth christian youth center in.

What is the origin of name Marit? Probably Norway or Netherlands.

Marit spelled backwards is Tiram
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Matir Rtiam Ratim Rimat Armit Irtam Trami Itamr Mriat Artim Itram Trima Mtira Tamri
Misspells: Msrit Matit Maritt Maryt Malit Mait Marita Mrait Marti Mairt

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Marit Sæten Opsvik
Marit Holien
Marit Rød Moen
Marit Gjone Sandsleth
Marit Wetteland
Marit Elise Guttormsen
Marit Margreth Arnesen
Marit Sæbu
Marit Bratvold
Marit Løwe Skas
Marit Godø
Marit Konnestad Haltorp
Marit Glæstad Sølvberg
Marit Henrikke Hansen
Marit Helene Røe
Marit Sølvi Toppe
Marit Vevle
Marit Sveen Kvande
Marit Buran
Marit Brenna Hansen
Marit Snuruås
Marit Nordli Nybakken
Marit Svihus
Marit Vines Olafsen
Marit Johanne Kvinnesland
Marit Støylen Wiik
Marit Willgohs Castroll
Marit Skjelstad
Marit Flåten
Marit Johanne Wågønes
Marit Jenny Tranøy
Marit Johanne Rodal
Marit Johanne Moen
Marit Helén Sandbakk
Marit Rø
Marit Sofie Haaland
Marit Clemetsen
Marit Vinje Devik
Marit Turner
Marit Lillian Bredesen
Marit Vinje Andersen
Marit Helen Bruun
Marit Hellermyr Marcussen
Marit Synnøve Gjeset
Marit Stavnes Mørck
Marit Ravndal Kostøl
Marit Haug Kleven
Marit Lien Thormodsen
Marit Lima
Marit Reinton
Marit Kristine Eira
Marit Lovise Bjelland
Marit Salomonsen
Marit Haslestad
Marit Strand Sæterøy
Marit Brevig
Marit Hageberg Midtbø
Marit Kristine Granberg
Marit Helen Gaupseth
Marit Svanholm Hansen
Marit Elisabeth Utnes
Marit Harbak Nordvik
Marit Røkke
Marit Elfrida Løkken
Marit S Lønsetteig
Marit Bøtun
Marit Sollid Tollefsen
Marit Irene Holmberg
Marit Irene Roheim
Marit Skilbrei Hilde
Marit Bragstad
Marit Irmelin Wiik
Marit Hobberstad
Marit Stavik
Marit Olava Egeland
Marit Anita Gaaseflaa
Marit Johanne Bakke
Marit Mjelva
Marit Haugland Gundersen
Marit Misund
Marit Olaug Jonsen
Marit Snøfrid Ulheim
Marit Synnøve Stensland
Marit Nan Johansen
Marit Synnøve Wahlberg
Marit Solbakken Stette
Marit Mauseth