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The word Malin has a web popularity of 68200000 pages.


What means Malin?

The meaning of Malin is: Tower

hooman says: hell ya. that is one hard name.

rona says: agree with hooman. one hard name.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Malin is back home from a two week of missionary work.
Malin is one of the earliest and best examples of the ironic suspense thriller for which claude chabrol is best known.
Malin is president and chief scientist of malin space science systems.
Malin is also supported as leader of the science investigation team for the analysis of the descent images.
Malin is a coordinator for the course ecological economics.
Malin is a physicist who has been thinking long about the interpretation of quantum mechanics.
Malin is able to service the equipment after the sale on demand or on a comprehensive fixed price maintenance contract.
Malin is dedicated to providing our customers not only quality parts.
Malin is access to the same promising treatments available at major cancer centers in urban areas far from home.
Malin is an administrator in the office of the provost and vice president for academic affairs at the state university of new york at binghamton.

What is the origin of name Malin? Probably Sweden or Norway.

Malin spelled backwards is Nilam
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Manil Lniam Lanim Liman Almin Ilnam Nlami Inaml Mlian Alnim Inlam Nlima Mnila Namli
Misspells: Mslin Mallin Malyn Malina Mlain Malni Mailn

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Malin Synnøve Sjøvik
Malin Midthaug Hallberg
Malin Jakobsson
Malin Sandvik Storå
Malin Skogheim
Malin Annette Egeland
Malin Helmuth Larsen
Malin Lyng Sliper
Malin Sandnes
Malin Ringstad Lippestad
Malin Steffensen
Malin Berntson
Malin Køller
Malin Glosli Haugan
Malin Alise Løvstad
Malin Renate Dahler
Malin Borgund
Malin Mauren Richardsen
Malin Maria Söderlund
Malin Molaug Lie
Malin Maalø
Malin Nilsen Knedal
Malin Taraldrud Enersen
Malin Hjorteland
Malin Louise Lie Ellefsen
Malin Liabø Solberg
Malin Westby Skoglund
Malin Taraldlien
Malin Ulfsten
Malin Lindrum
Malin Porsmyr Flemming
Malin Cathrin Røisi
Malin Storhaug
Malin Sørheim
Malin Fiske
Malin Otnæs Jørgensen
Malin Alice Andersen
Malin Therese Sofie Linde
Malin Ellset
Malin Mikalsen Steinsland
Malin Ueland
Malin Solvik Sylvarnes
Malin Ulla Berg
Malin Quande Haguen
Malin Marthinussen
Malin Horvei Jårvik
Malin Lillevik Pedersen
Malin Holmberg
Malin Paulsen
Malin Jakobsen
Malin Sveen Alfheim
Malin Kaashagen
Malin Agneta Eliasson
Malin Sagstad
Malin Dahlberg
Malin Rakke
Malin Torp
Malin Aanes Andersen
Malin Svensson
Malin Thulin
Malin Kaspersen Soløy
Malin Farstad Rød
Malin Svantesen Huus
Malin Elisabet Jonsson
Malin Sofia Lind
Malin Langgård Jensen
Malin Uri Støylen
Malin Artvåg Ersvik
Malin Larsson
Malin Myren Foldal
Malin Werstad Aunebakk