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The word Magnus has a web popularity of 107000000 pages.


What means Magnus?

The meaning of Magnus is: Great

kristin says: hi :) I'm icelandic

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...Magnus is now the top seed left for the injured kuerten pulled out from the tournament.
Magnus is doing well after his surgery and spent some time in filipstad with his parents.
Magnus is karel voor de verandering als speelstuk aanwezig.
Magnus is accurate all for one detail which i will get to in a moment.
Magnus is known for its ability to succeed in complex business improvement projects.
Magnus is a stark contrast to the people around him.
Magnus is also renowned for being the only cathedral in britain with a dungeon.
Magnus is yet another g1 transformer that i was proud to own as a child.
Magnus is jealous that the matrix chose his brother optimus prime.
Magnus is at the height of his career as an athlete.

What is the origin of name Magnus? Probably Norway or Sweden.

Magnus spelled backwards is Sungam
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Masgun Sgumna Ansumg Gnusma Samnug Smugan Nsaugm Unsamg Masung
Misspells: Msgnus Magnu Magnusa Mganus Magnsu Maguns

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Magnus Furuli Johannessen
Magnus Madland
Magnus Bryhn
Magnus Uglemsmo
Magnus Brland
Magnus Røed
Magnus Romstad Ursin
Magnus Fageerholt
Magnus Kåre Stuen
Magnus Strm Smedsrud
Magnus Dyrøy Hunhammer
Magnus Stli Rokvam
Magnus H Hansen Fonnes
Magnus Brostrup Landstad
Magnus Salomonsen
Magnus Mordt
Magnus Palmer Emil Røen
Magnus Kvarme Skoglund
Magnus Holdgrd Helliksen
Magnus Bærø Moldvik
Magnus Brox
Magnus Gløersen Alm
Magnus Risebrobakken
Magnus Indregard
Magnus Hartz
Magnus Nereng
Magnus Løkke Granaas
Magnus Stuve Thomassen
Magnus Amundsen
Magnus Brve Huseby
Magnus Mæland
Magnus Sundt Müller
Magnus Tols
Magnus Hauge Bakke
Magnus Velgaard Nilsen
Magnus Tveiterås
Magnus Osnes
Magnus Olsen Jørgensen
Magnus Mellbye Larsen
Magnus Røsholm Berntsen
Magnus Holsen Aasberg
Magnus Wright Jacobsen
Magnus Schei Bakkhaug