Leif - details and analysis   

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The word Leif has a web popularity of 5340000 pages.


What means Leif?

The meaning of Leif is: Beloved

Leif says: I wish I lived in norway

Ottar Vendel says: Leif means "heir" nothing else. In Sweden 63.518 person are named Leif

Web synthesis about this name:

...Leif is spending his spare time at the hospital with her.
Leif is the protector of a forest on the eastern side of the earth islands.
Leif is now practicing as a residential designer in the united states.
Leif is believed to have learned how to be a good deep.
Leif is a realy funny name to give to a emale character.
Leif is the only sibling of three sisters and three brothers who took to the gloved sport.
Leif is sitting on the floor with amanda in his lap.
Leif is busy enjoying life and comedy more than ever.
Leif is in trouble with his neighbors because his large dog is accused of getting loose and killing livestock.
Leif is busy working on the web page for the highlander project.

What is the origin of name Leif? Probably Norway or Sweden.

Leif spelled backwards is Fiel
This name has 4 letters: 2 vowels (50.00%) and 2 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Lefi Elfi Efli Ilfe Efil Fiel Eilf Eifl Ifle Lfie Flei Feli Ielf Flie
Misspells: Lleif Leyf Leifa Lief Lefi

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Leif Stange
Leif Henrik Trøen
Leif Gunnar Hestholm
Leif Morgan Janås
Leif Kveen
Leif Valter Nilsen
Leif Franke Aasberg
Leif Esten Lilleberg
Leif Hernes
Leif Johannes Lunde
Leif Nummedal
Leif Akse
Leif Yngve Strøm
Leif Eddmund Elsvatn
Leif Norrolf Persen
Leif Inge Slethei
Leif Aursand
Leif Terje Høydal
Leif Olav Sagen
Leif Arne Thorsen
Leif Litlehamar
Leif Roger Fink
Leif Oscar Olsen
Leif Arne Høgalmen
Leif Anker Espeland
Leif Brusletto
Leif Arne Birkenes
Leif Ingmar Høibakken
Leif Arve Grønnevik
Leif Agnar Waaler
Leif Inge Stenseth
Leif Ingemar Aronsson
Leif Habbestad
Leif Rønhovde
Leif Inge Steinsbø
Leif Kristian Olsberg
Leif O Thormodsen
Leif Gulstad
Leif Marthinussen
Leif Arvid Stø
Leif Arne Kjeldsberg
Leif Lindland
Leif Henrik Ahlkvist
Leif Thun
Leif Egil Schmidt
Leif Magnar Bach
Leif Skiaker
Leif Drevland
Leif Ragnar Enger
Leif Karolius Karlsen
Leif Arne Hermanrud
Leif Kristian Larsen
Leif Nordset
Leif Martin Reknes
Leif Einar Birkeland
Leif Rasmus Vedde
Leif Langedal
Leif Ingvald Molvær
Leif Arne Økland
Leif Göran Persson
Leif A Visnes
Leif Onarheim
Leif Åge Elvestad