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The word Laila has a web popularity of 79700000 pages.


What means Laila?

The meaning of Laila is: Dark Beauty

laila khalid says: I am 11 and I think you got this pretty accurate

Web synthesis about this name:

...Laila is tolerable as long as she keeps her mouth shut.
Laila is already act with all actor but not madhavan.
Laila is the most beautiful and interesting vj on channel.
Laila is sculpted into something fiercely masculine.
Laila is the angel with the mostbeautyfull voice in heaven.
Laila is to be a girl somewhere between 10 and 12 years in age.
Laila is not as serious with her career as in running affairs with affluent men.
Laila is more than happy to talk to customers in person about special orders ie quotes for pieces in gold and commissions.
Laila is only in her third year as a professional fighter with no amateur background.
Laila is one of a relatively small but highly esteemed group of librarians to receive such an award.

What is the origin of name Laila? Probably Norway or France.

Laila spelled backwards is Alial
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Laali Alila Ialal Illaa Ailla Liala Lilaa Lalia Aalil
Misspells: Lsila Llaila Layla Lailaa Liala Laial Lalia

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Laila Løndal Haugan
Laila Lund Falck
Laila Öztürk
Laila Juliane Sørheim
Laila Smørsting Finsrud
Laila Asplund
Laila Øystese
Laila Merete Gaugstad
Laila Mathilde Vikan
Laila Fjeldbo
Laila Jenny Elverhøi
Laila Shaker Abdallah
Laila Nervik Guldseth
Laila Rigmor Sigvartsen
Laila Eline Paulsen
Laila Monsen Haugen
Laila Framnes
Laila Dagmar Ekren
Laila Kristin Myhrer
Laila Elverum
Laila Lindhjem
Laila Anita Ims
Laila Rosa Nygaard
Laila Grønbekk
Laila Haugeland
Laila Nordskog Kostveit
Laila Sagenes
Laila Nyborg
Laila Skretteberg
Laila Fodnes Sidselrud
Laila Fjeld
Laila Johanne Hope
Laila Kopstad
Laila Doris Høiåsen
Laila Kirstin Handeland
Laila Ødegården Bakken
Laila Trædal
Laila Nybøe
Laila F Bortheim
Laila Angelsen
Laila Valvik
Laila Torkildsen
Laila Yvone Andersen
Laila Irene Möller
Laila Kristine Somby
Laila Finstad Henriksen
Laila Torhild Opsalhagen
Laila Haavik
Laila Agnethe Bårdsen
Laila Karin Bergum
Laila Vestrum
Laila Landrø
Laila Lund
Laila Helen Vestby
Laila Monica Nikolaisen
Laila Skogsøy
Laila Fredagsvik
Laila Marie Hage
Laila Helen Sogn
Laila Arna Brogeland
Laila Johnsrud
Laila Backer
Laila Anette Kanten
Laila Kalvåg
Laila Reiersdal
Laila Systad
Laila Margrete Hals
Laila Jensine Hansen
Laila Lilletvedt
Laila Stenberg Wallann
Laila Fagerland
Laila Fjerdingen
Laila Westerås
Laila Ovesen Syrstad
Laila Hox
Laila K Hansen Eira
Laila M Kongevold
Laila Indal
Laila Saltvik Titlestad
Laila Bjørnback
Laila Stuldalen
Laila Anita Evensen
Laila Gundersen Arnevik
Laila Synnøve Stav
Laila Synnøve Stormo
Laila Nagel
Laila Irene Teigen
Laila Synnøve Steensen
Laila Marie Wang Øyjord
Laila Heian Gulliksen
Laila Magny Hartvigsen
Laila Renate Svahaug
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Laila Stendahl
Laila Formo
Laila Evenstad Aagaard
Laila Karin Nesheim
Laila Vollan Mandelid
Laila Mathisen
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Laila Sakshaug
Laila Fimreite
Laila Weum
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Laila Lere
Laila Vatland
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Laila Solrun Sara
Laila Berg
Laila Synnøve Vassbotn
Laila Haig Thoresen
Laila Ofstad Hoem
Laila Irene Hystad
Laila Oddlaug Nygård
Laila Iselin Hyggen
Laila Helen Lillestrøm
Laila Gjendem
Laila Vatland Horve
Laila Margaret Lunde
Laila Himle
Laila Sivertsen
Laila Oppedal
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Laila Slinning
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