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The word Kristine has a web popularity of 54800000 pages.


What means Kristine?

The meaning of Kristine is: Christ-Bearer

Web synthesis about this name:

...Kristine is an author and researcher whose passion for british history has led her down many varied paths.
Kristine is a specialist in pastoral counselling and an associate teaching supervisor pce with the canadian association for pastoral practise and education.
Kristine is also the liaison to various united nations agencies.
Kristine is pursuing a major in international studies with a minor in conflict resolution.
Kristine is a new addition to our client relations department.
Kristine is a composer and performer in the seattle.
Kristine is honored to be a part of speaking ring theatre company where she holds the position of.
Kristine is throwing a big party to celebrate the success she has enjoyed during the year.
Kristine is trapped in the year 1871 and there is no sign of christina who is still missing.
Kristine is just a curious teenage girl who wants to experience what the world has to offer.

What is the origin of name Kristine? Probably Norway or Russia.

Kristine spelled backwards is Enitsirk
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Irkisent Tisnirek Niterisk Nriisket Stiikern
Misspells: Ktistine Kristtine Krystine Klistine Kistine Kritine Kristinea Kirstine Kristien Kristnie

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Kristine Rossehaug
Kristine Wasland Berntsen
Kristine G Kronstad
Kristine Ohnstad
Kristine Langgård Hansen
Kristine Skattum
Kristine Bjelde
Kristine Elise Teien
Kristine Meder Andersen
Kristine Hamsun
Kristine Berg Marhaug
Kristine Hoel
Kristine Fossen
Kristine Raad Larsen
Kristine Vike Nerås
Kristine Andrea Pedersen
Kristine Nørgaard
Kristine Maudal
Kristine Vangen
Kristine Skjong Bøe
Kristine Håland
Kristine Hanson
Kristine Knappskog
Kristine Landsem Bolle
Kristine Hemnes
Kristine Feness
Kristine Kaspara Olsen
Kristine Riise Sandal
Kristine Herland Eikås
Kristine Viste Eriksen
Kristine Allard Epland
Kristine Røe Bøe
Kristine Antonisen
Kristine Strømme
Kristine Teigen
Kristine Teie
Kristine Sjøvold
Kristine Tangnæs Svingen
Kristine Øier Brinchmann
Kristine Salmi Ronesen
Kristine Damsgaard
Kristine Lia Aasmundseth
Kristine Rovik
Kristine Engelien
Kristine Leiråmo
Kristine Eide Sørland
Kristine Sofie Stabell
Kristine Sandland
Kristine Skoglund
Kristine Skjørestad
Kristine Huseby Grue
Kristine Holen Klæboe
Kristine Matland
Kristine Angell
Kristine Ervik Smette
Kristine Stølen
Kristine Haug
Kristine Bruun
Kristine Aglen
Kristine Røed
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Kristine Aga Haugom
Kristine Erstad Vegard
Kristine Bore Gudvangen
Kristine Storesund Brekke
Kristine Nysæter
Kristine G Celius
Kristine Vedvik
Kristine Hamre Hodneland
Kristine Sveen Halvorsen
Kristine Lovise Lygre
Kristine Lillebø
Kristine Rua Nielsen
Kristine M Abelsnes
Kristine Stenseth
Kristine Von Simson
Kristine Wiig Skarlund
Kristine Dalseth
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Kristine Scott
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Kristine Haugeland
Kristine Gildberg Opheim