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The word Kristina has a web popularity of 156000000 pages.


What means Kristina?

The meaning of Kristina is: Christ-Bearer

jake says: Is an inventor, musician, poet, and singer.

Kristina Renslow says: I love my name

Web synthesis about this name:

...Kristina is acknowledged as legal sucessor by the states general and the army.
Kristina is six and one half years old and is doing great.
Kristina is my oldest and she has had diabetes since she was 6 months old.
Kristina is a member of the us army world class athlete program.
Kristina is concerned with the contamination of freshwater and deforestation.
Kristina is working hard to prepare for her first event of the season.
Kristina is a very very strong person with a very very strong heart.
Kristina is automatically designated as a wesbrook scholar.
Kristina is a licensed psychologist and doctor of medical science having presented a thesis at karolinska institutet.
Kristina is a skater who has great artistic ability.

What is the origin of name Kristina? Probably Russia or UK.

Kristina spelled backwards is Anitsirk
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Irkisant Tisnirak Nitarisk Nriiskat Stiikarn
Misspells: Kristins Ktistina Kristtina Krystina Klistina Kistina Kritina Kristinaa Kirstina Kristian Kristnia

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Kristina Wikmark
Kristina Mæland
Kristina Øye Helgheim
Kristina Øystese
Kristina Kjellesvik
Kristina Fjetland Tonheim
Kristina Ingeborg Holten
Kristina Janusauskaite
Kristina Renate Johnsen
Kristina Lauvdal Vaagenes
Kristina Skage
Kristina Eikeland
Kristina Nordheim Alme
Kristina Vestad Breivik
Kristina Korttila
Kristina Haga Hopland
Kristina Thowsen
Kristina Lysen
Kristina Krohg Aune
Kristina Monica Kiss
Kristina Brinch
Kristina Hoydal
Kristina Eikenes
Kristina Bolinder Aabø
Kristina Løvøy
Kristina Thomsen
Kristina Erika Nordmo
Kristina Miliauskiene
Kristina Larsen Valseth
Kristina Moberg
Kristina Goksøyr
Kristina Nilsen Haugan
Kristina Vestly Haugland
Kristina Sørheim
Kristina Gjerdrum
Kristina Iren Willumsen
Kristina Vanebo Reitan
Kristina Storhei
Kristina Eidem
Kristina Dahl Olafsen
Kristina Førde
Kristina Sørvang Nymo
Kristina Kollerud
Kristina Jøsang Botnevik
Kristina Andrea Nygaard
Kristina Waaler
Kristina Heggestad
Kristina Jønsson
Kristina Borgund
Kristina Mordal
Kristina Ellwanger
Kristina Iren Olsen
Kristina Larsen
Kristina Dalsbø Ramstad
Kristina Sørensen
Kristina Storstad Ryan
Kristina Kristoffersen
Kristina Jakobsen
Kristina Bruset
Kristina Wavold
Kristina Pereira
Kristina Motzfeldt
Kristina Nordang
Kristina Sarkaite
Kristina Langnes Ciric
Kristina Hopen
Kristina Sigrid Spro
Kristina Telfer
Kristina Lundal Haaland
Kristina Joanna Ilke
Kristina Brovold Liknes
Kristina Sørum
Kristina Lebedeviene
Kristina Ayaz
Kristina Lødner
Kristina Kniukstaite
Kristina Gjeldnes
Kristina Steine
Kristina Kunz
Kristina Sandbu
Kristina Sandkjær
Kristina Mauritzen
Kristina Markussen Raen
Kristina Haugen
Kristina Therese Johansen
Kristina Moldskred
Kristina Havn Brunes
Kristina Høiby
Kristina Aasen
Kristina Nergård
Kristina Avalo Høie
Kristina Ragnvaldsen
Kristina Grimstad
Kristina Mostad
Kristina Medin
Kristina Kittilsen
Kristina Midttun Rokstad
Kristina Bergstad
Kristina Voll
Kristina Grotdal
Kristina Louise Orthe
Kristina Dysthe
Kristina M Norne Widell
Kristina Le Bozec
Kristina Aasetre
Kristina Skjelbred
Kristina Auestad
Kristina Kolstø
Kristina Soltvedt Wiik
Kristina Sandstad
Kristina Klepsvik Laksy
Kristina Halleraker
Kristina Elvebakk
Kristina Noreikaite
Kristina Christophersen
Kristina Granerød
Kristina Reistad
Kristina Sadovskaja
Kristina Rognlien Aardal
Kristina Horve Hetland