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The word Karin has a web popularity of 155000000 pages.


What means Karin?

The meaning of Karin is: Pure

Lars says: How many has the name Lars?

Karin Moore says: The name Karin also means Light, besides pure. It is the German spelling of the more common Karen

Web synthesis about this name:

...Karin is negentien kilometer groot en draait in iets minder dan vijf jaar om de zon.
Karin is worrying about the upcoming physical education festival.
Karin is a graduate of the institute for integrative nutrition.
Karin is currently conducting a variety of fun and interactive group nutrition coaching workshops and innovative health seminars for large and small companies.
Karin is discussed in the gemini section of abba aerie pages.
Karin is also a reiki master of the traditional usui system of natural healing.
Karin is werkzaam als lio op de openbare basisschool dr.
Karin is determined to keep the flat backs from the ever.
Karin is going to confirm the booking of the bonar hall for the autumn ceilidh tomorrow and contact the postgraduate and international students societies.
Karin is back for her second year with the team after a solid rookie campaign in which.

What is the origin of name Karin? Probably Norway or Netherlands.

Karin spelled backwards is Nirak
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Kanir Rniak Ranik Rikan Arkin Irnak Nraki Inakr Krian Arnik Inrak Nrika Knira Nakri
Misspells: Ksrin Katin Karyn Kalin Kain Karina Krain Karni Kairn

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Karin Trætten Nyvoll
Karin Hjelseth Ifwarsson
Karin Jønsson
Karin Kilvik Johansen
Karin Judith Myrvang
Karin Tønseth
Karin Janny Einvold
Karin Elise Olufsen
Karin Halvorsen
Karin Len Hansen
Karin Småli
Karin Lieb
Karin Mjåland
Karin Trøen Hagen
Karin Gaupset
Karin Pauli
Karin Rabben Vangdal
Karin G Ask
Karin Synnøve Landsem
Karin Løvlien Halbakken
Karin Nabben
Karin Elverhøi
Karin Williams
Karin Nissen
Karin Falck
Karin Blakkestad
Karin Fjæreide
Karin Ringen Kristiansen
Karin Stenersrød Olsen
Karin Langaard
Karin Helga Brustuen
Karin Synnøve Tronhus
Karin Helene Linnes
Karin Ingeborg Norrgård
Karin Baardseth
Karin Matz
Karin Martha Selimann
Karin Helene Hemmingsen
Karin Marie Fossberg
Karin Ingegerd Sunde
Karin Hansine Dahlslett
Karin Langgaard Arntzen
Karin Lisbeth Dalene
Karin Hanne Nordengen
Karin Birkeland
Karin Sognnes
Karin Judith Eriksen
Karin Vibeke Wollen
Karin Marie Opsahl
Karin Kofoed Bjørnsvik
Karin Svarthoel Nilsen
Karin Marie Gulli
Karin Furre Omgård
Karin Berglund
Karin Valen
Karin Mannes Ege
Karin Judit Moen
Karin Marcussen
Karin Skarpodde
Karin Marie Hogstad
Karin Heimdal Holen
Karin Tonheim