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The word Iselin has a web popularity of 9960000 pages.


What means Iselin?

The meaning of Iselin is: 1) German pet form of Old High German names starting on ''Ise[n]-'' (e.g. Iselinde or Isengard), see JARN

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...Iselin is overseeing the integration process in merging the bakery operations.
Iselin is located in the woodbridge section of new jersey in.
Iselin is well suited to being a facility dog for frail and elderly people.
Iselin is the president of the cooper union for the advancement of science and art in new york city.
Iselin is the pta president at alvarado elementary at 625 douglass st.
Iselin is one of ten communities located in woodbridge township.
Iselin is the manipulative mastermind behind the bumbling senator.
Iselin is sort of like la and therefore kind of cool.
Iselin is a political dupe who is easily manipulated by his wife.
Iselin is definitely a race that i would like to run in.

What is the origin of name Iselin? Probably Norway or France.

Iselin spelled backwards is Nilesi
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Isneil Enisil Seliin Elinis Nsilie Sienil Lienis Neliis Sineli Liensi Nleisi Slenii Isnile
Misspells: Isellin Yselin Ielin Iselina Ieslin Iselni Iseiln

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Iselin Iselin Iselin Iselin Iselin

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Iselin Børve Toft
Iselin Haugland Hagen
Iselin Buer Storli
Iselin Lundemo Jakobsen
Iselin Holmen Lyster
Iselin Spernes
Iselin Victoria Vindal
Iselin Eliassen Aske
Iselin Grøsfjeld Ørland
Iselin Anita Brønstad
Iselin Styve
Iselin Lindsetmo
Iselin Engene
Iselin Seglem Levang
Iselin Vabø
Iselin Stensland Gil
Iselin Betty Skogan Konst
Iselin Siristuen
Iselin Digernes
Iselin Haugo
Iselin Lyberg Topp
Iselin Sande
Iselin Lysfjord Jacobsen
Iselin Martha Maria Juell
Iselin Klævahaugen
Iselin Kvalvik Eliassen
Iselin Hedenstad
Iselin M Lygrell
Iselin Bakke Kongsvik
Iselin Syversen
Iselin Paulsen
Iselin Fardal
Iselin Marie Tostrup
Iselin Kleppestø Thorsen
Iselin Børresen
Iselin Noreng Iversen
Iselin Kristine Gramstad
Iselin Rognsvåg
Iselin V R Svensson
Iselin Kramer
Iselin Friberg Jensen
Iselin Lorentzen Amundsen
Iselin Sagen
Iselin Dibaj
Iselin Schei
Iselin Mjelde Bergesen
Iselin Akslen Hasfjord
Iselin Hebbert Larsen
Iselin Evensen