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The word Inger has a web popularity of 33100000 pages.


What means Inger?

The meaning of Inger is: N/A

Web synthesis about this name:

...Inger is playing bass with a kick ass new band called 1976.
Inger is currently working with many noted colour educators and researchers from all over the globe.
Inger is not forgotten and that her timeless appeal endures.
Inger is a global partnership in the exchange of rice germplasm and information being coordinated by irri.
Inger is a global partnership in the exchange of rice germplasm and information being coordinated.
Inger is able to make the switch from bandleader to solo artist quite successfully.
Inger is intent on protecting her newfound balance with smarts.
Inger is excited about foreigners and wants to learns about their culture.
Inger is community minded and gives back to the community through her involvement in the rotary club vancouver.
Inger is the daughter of jamaican olympian lennox miller.

What is the origin of name Inger? Probably Norway or Sweden.

Inger spelled backwards is Regni
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Inreg Negir Greni Geinr Ngier Igren Ernig Igenr Rgein Iregn Rnige
Misspells: Inget Ynger Ingel Inge Ingera Igner Ingre Inegr

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Inger Merete Bjerkerud
Inger Kristin Johnsen
Inger Helene Andreassen
Inger Furenes Nordås
Inger Marie Tangen
Inger Anne Korsvoll
Inger Lise Hagen
Inger Lise Østborg
Inger Johanne Bendz
Inger Brit Jonassen
Inger Johanne Flåten
Inger Gjesdahl
Inger Marie Hansen Koch
Inger Mæsel
Inger Sofie Thomsen
Inger Margrete Saunes
Inger Johanne Dyrlie
Inger Anny Bjørnstad
Inger Oline Guttormsen
Inger Lise Hellum
Inger Træen
Inger Bjørbæk Mikkelsen
Inger Fidjeland
Inger Astrid Nordberg
Inger Marie Norland
Inger Johanne Olstad
Inger Anne Opheim Tryti
Inger Johanne Torkildsen
Inger Anne Skillingstad
Inger Katharina Finne
Inger Johanne Grimnes
Inger Johanne Røisland
Inger M T Bjørkhaug
Inger Dagny Rørvik
Inger Cathrine Fjeldstad
Inger Johanne Bakker
Inger Markeseth
Inger Mathilde Ingvaldsen
Inger Johanne Flåskjer
Inger Marie Tomren
Inger Margot Fehn
Inger E Nordlie
Inger Susæg
Inger Marie Abrahamsen
Inger Lise Kringen Wedul
Inger Jeanette Högberg
Inger Helene Ommundsen
Inger Engeland
Inger K Taralrud
Inger Marie Aftret Kulset
Inger Elin Hetland
Inger H Bunæs
Inger Marion Midtbø
Inger Reenaas Finnanger
Inger Kjoss
Inger Sekse
Inger Anne Kvistad Holm
Inger Hennestad
Inger Anita Øvregård
Inger Østerås Myrheim
Inger K Gustavsen
Inger Lise Bjellerås
Inger Strømmesen Myrvoll
Inger Heiberg
Inger Aspaas
Inger Janne Pedersen
Inger Marie Kringstad
Inger Elisabeth Steenbuch
Inger Marie Robertsen
Inger Dragset
Inger Grøndahl
Inger Elisabeth Måren
Inger Bø Pettersen
Inger Myhren
Inger Gjelland
Inger M Gangsø Samnøy
Inger Marie Skorild
Inger Marie Vikanes
Inger M Winsnes
Inger Solstad Hansen
Inger Sofie Saltom
Inger Soland
Inger Lise Sevland
Inger Wosnitza Nordhus
Inger Anne Wangen
Inger Berdahl
Inger M Slåen Nerland
Inger Johanne Lilleaas
Inger Lise Westgaard
Inger Kristine Utseth
Inger Grete Skancke
Inger Marie Gotheim
Inger Sølvi Mehlum
Inger Krafft Kneppen
Inger Helene Skjenald
Inger Marit Ellefsen
Inger Gerd Nesje
Inger Kjos Gabrielsen
Inger Margrethe Modal