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The word Gunnel has a web popularity of 3300000 pages.


What means Gunnel?

The meaning of Gunnel is: Younger form of Gunnil

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...Gunnel is now done and you are ready for the next stage.
Gunnel is near the water level without having to brace with the paddle.
Gunnel is a frequent soloist in such works as the st john passion.
Gunnel is director of studies for the master program nature resources.
Gunnel is another big step towards a change in his life.
Gunnel is very soft on your bum and coming back on board over the extended portofino.
Gunnel is protected with half round metal rubbing strip.
Gunnel is the skinny deck on a garvey that a clammer puts clams in.
Gunnel is closer to the water and it is easier to get your catch on board.
Gunnel is too flimsy for a downrigger bracket and an outboard more powerful than 10 horse would likely peel off its transom.

What is the origin of name Gunnel? Probably Sweden or Norway.

Gunnel spelled backwards is Lennug
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Gulnen Lnegnu Unlegn Nnelgu Lugnen Lgenun Nlueng Enlugn Gulenn
Misspells: Gunnell Gunnela Gnunel Gunnle Gunenl

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Gunnel Gunnel Gunnel Gunnel Gunnel

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