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The word Grethe has a web popularity of 7510000 pages.


What means Grethe?

The meaning of Grethe is: Short form of Margarethe

Web synthesis about this name:

...Grethe is a veteran in the sporting world and is among other things known for her championships in orienteering.
Grethe is being recognized for a career that has spanned academia.
Grethe is the 2001 recipient of the herman skolnik award for achievements in chemical information science.
Grethe is currently leading the team in service aces.
Grethe is president of the international kinesiology college.
Grethe is current president of the international kinesiology college.
Grethe is a housewife whose days are spent running her household of servants.
Grethe is pushing to have skolnik award made an acs award.
Grethe is one of our most experienced scoreboard controllers for nordic events.
Grethe is active in beloit area retired educators association and beloit.

What is the origin of name Grethe? Probably Norway or Denmark.

Grethe spelled backwards is Ehterg
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Greeht Rtehge Ethegr Eghert Rheegt Theegr Rgeeth Terheg Tgeerh Hterge Rteegh Grehte
Misspells: Gtethe Gretthe Glethe Gethe Grethea Gerthe Greteh Grehte

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Grethe Fagerbakke Knudsen
Grethe Elisabeth Grinnbo
Grethe Løvseth
Grethe Aspenes
Grethe Dillon
Grethe Foss
Grethe Hagen Hasund
Grethe Marie Christensen
Grethe Bergum Nicolaisen
Grethe Huseby
Grethe Kvam Korbi
Grethe Dyrendahl Tingstad
Grethe Ellingsen
Grethe Norli Dahl
Grethe Gustavsen
Grethe Therese Bertelsen
Grethe Helene Vetås
Grethe Haugan Danielsen
Grethe Langbråten
Grethe Aulie Johansen
Grethe Strandem Johansen
Grethe Marit Weseth
Grethe Synnøve Utklev
Grethe Seim Grøvlen
Grethe Engedal
Grethe Skauen Hansen
Grethe Kolnes Bergo
Grethe Østmoe
Grethe Haugane
Grethe Karin Fotland
Grethe Dølbakken
Grethe Rist Øiesvold
Grethe Bøe Jordet
Grethe Sørensen
Grethe Kvalvik Strand
Grethe Heimtun
Grethe Standal
Grethe Siren Karlsrud
Grethe Fjeld Fjeld
Grethe Olga Gauslaa
Grethe Svea Schatvet
Grethe Marie Thorsen
Grethe Sandersen