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The word Geir has a web popularity of 34500000 pages.


What means Geir?

The meaning of Geir is: Spear

Web synthesis about this name:

...Geir is a freelance percussionist playing drums in dance and pop groups as well as percussion in the icelandic symphony orchestra.
Geir is keeping you abreast of his many nefarious plans on his personal home page.
Geir is currently trying out for the last spot on culinary team canada.
Geir is managing his student and ta responsibilities very well.
Geir is also known as one of the fathers of international isdn.
Geir is also responsible for running the norwegian btka organsiation.
Geir is in touch with most of the band members and is very dedicated to sharing interesting and esoteric gentle giant information.
Geir is now longing for a nice bed and a shower after being on the road for seven weeks.
Geir is going to cairns to meet his familiy and travel down the coast together with them.
Geir is very innovative and definitely gives a new impulse to the scene.

What is the origin of name Geir? Probably Norway or Denmark.

Geir spelled backwards is Rieg
This name has 4 letters: 2 vowels (50.00%) and 2 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Geri Egri Ergi Igre Erig Rieg Eigr Eirg Irge Grie Rgei Regi Iegr Rgie
Misspells: Geit Geyr Geil Gei Geira Gier Geri

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Geir Helge Rosenlund
Geir Helge Magnussen
Geir Prestegård
Geir Arne Moe
Geir Asbjørnsen
Geir Magne Feed
Geir West
Geir Egil Dolve
Geir Meltveit
Geir Løland
Geir Hellerud
Geir Ove Tefre Nordal
Geir Hugo Trønnes
Geir Bjerkestrand
Geir Haugstad
Geir Rosvoll
Geir Harry Hanssen
Geir Høgberg
Geir Ole Hatlem
Geir Jørgen Vold
Geir Mæland
Geir Atle Taranger
Geir Røe Flatås
Geir Fredriksen
Geir Skjølberg Johansen
Geir Anders Myrvold
Geir Lindanger
Geir Ove Kveli
Geir Lasse Espe
Geir Helge Stormark
Geir Berge Hansen
Geir Tore Søreide
Geir Sørdalen
Geir Byggstøyl
Geir Frilund
Geir Kåre Goa
Geir Stian Orsten Ulstein
Geir Ornum
Geir Kaare Kildal
Geir Andreas Kjærstad
Geir Henning Granerud
Geir Sveinung Berg
Geir Åsmund Jonsrud
Geir Skramstad
Geir Ove Bentsen
Geir Kjosås
Geir Enersen
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Geir Gunnarsen
Geir Sæstad
Geir Olav Østreng
Geir Tore Rosland
Geir Brataas
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