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The word Frode has a web popularity of 22300000 pages.


What means Frode?

The meaning of Frode is: Learned; wise

Web synthesis about this name:

...Frode is passing on his love for fish to his son jurre.
Frode is employed as field operation manager in ebone.
Frode is recording in peter karl studio in brooklyn.
Frode is the regular accordion player in the oslo sinfonietta.
Frode is currently president of the norwegian library association.
Frode is one of the most frequently used bass players in norway today.
Frode is born in rotterdam and is also a great cross country skier and mountain bike cyclist.
Frode is the rocket propellant specialist with many years of experience with black.
Frode is a freelance musician and composer who lives in trondheim.
Frode is born in 1954 and has a masters degree of specialeducation.

What is the origin of name Frode? Probably Norway or Denmark.

Frode spelled backwards is Edorf
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Fredo Rdofe Oredf Rofde Doerf Foedr Dfoer Derfo Dreof Fodre Roedf Deorf Fedor Erfod
Misspells: Ftode Flode Fode Frodea Forde Froed Frdoe

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Frode Sivert Grønberg
Frode Kvernberg
Frode Opdal
Frode Langeland
Frode Liaøy
Frode Ramsvik
Frode Leinan
Frode Enstad
Frode Stafseng
Frode Markhus
Frode Schive
Frode Fagerbakk
Frode Opseth
Frode Østman
Frode Andersen Flatås
Frode Pettersen
Frode Andreas Bjørnestad
Frode Tormodsen
Frode Bratlie Hansen
Frode Gruben Langseth
Frode Lia
Frode Skjønberg
Frode Røsjø
Frode Per Johansen
Frode Øynebråten
Frode Alstad
Frode Aarskog
Frode Bratteli
Frode Alfredsen
Frode Loe
Frode Lamøy
Frode Raymond Ulriksen
Frode Grimsland
Frode Wika
Frode Garberg
Frode Olsvik Gjertsen
Frode Kjørmo
Frode Wiig
Frode Eidsvoll
Frode Lerberg
Frode Røst Hammertrø
Frode Østebø
Frode Waage Idsøe
Frode Emil Brakstad
Frode Torleif Stefanussen
Frode Opstvedt Nilsen
Frode Abrahamsen
Frode Bjørke
Frode Samuelsen
Frode Haljem
Frode Jørgen Øvrevik
Frode Dreyer Dybdahl
Frode Gleisner
Frode Strømland
Frode Røssland
Frode Slettemark
Frode Torseth
Frode Borkmo
Frode Nikolai Fossnes
Frode Gjuvsland
Frode Røynesdal
Frode Hopperstad
Frode Kvernland
Frode Skag Storheim
Frode Nygaard
Frode Mortensen
Frode André Koppang
Frode Svingen
Frode Lillestu Berger
Frode Rastad
Frode Rydland
Frode Valde
Frode Andre Granum
Frode Båtvik
Frode Waage
Frode Grindheim
Frode Nilsen Fløisand
Frode Fjeld
Frode Vågnes
Frode Henrik Sandø
Frode Bjørndal Hansen
Frode Jonny Jakobsen
Frode Berg Hanssen
Frode Vongraven
Frode Rønningsbakk
Frode Løken
Frode André Skogland
Frode Ivar Løvlid
Frode Kjos
Frode Bergly
Frode Lindberg Stangebye
Frode Nekkøy
Frode Klubben
Frode Hool Egge
Frode Sell
Frode Olav Smith
Frode Granhus
Frode Moen
Frode Hauge
Frode Rakkenes
Frode Andre Arnesen