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The word Christer has a web popularity of 20400000 pages.


What means Christer?

The meaning of Christer is: Follower of Christ

Web synthesis about this name:

...Christer is married to the former elisabeth walldie and has three children.
Christer is currently working on a series of books dealing with the air war on the eastern front.
Christer is celebrating his new son with a cigarette.
Christer is the inventor behind a number of innovations which have resulted in companies such as.
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Christer is responsible for fulfilling the required implementation and support services.
Christer is widely admired and respected by customers.
Christer is a member of several boards in state enterprises since 1982.
Christer is interested in homeostasis and toxicology of metals primarily in aquatic animals.
Christer is to drive around the world is a standard model with a five.

What is the origin of name Christer? Probably Sweden or Norway.

Christer spelled backwards is Retsirhc
This name has 8 letters: 2 vowels (25.00%) and 6 consonants (75.00%).

Misspells: Chtister Christter Chryster Chlister Chister Chriter Christera Crhister Christre Chrisetr

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Christer Christer Christer Christer Christer

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Christer Robertson
Christer Gumø Løberg
Christer Bø
Christer Haugen
Christer Joensen Holtan
Christer Thomassen
Christer Sandum Thorsrud
Christer Lundquist
Christer Forslund
Christer Rimestad
Christer Bu Mathiesen
Christer Gustavsson
Christer Tvedt
Christer Høysæter
Christer Garmann
Christer Ulfsrud
Christer Køhne
Christer Wahlberg
Christer Watz
Christer Fossmark
Christer Fredriksen
Christer Häll
Christer Osland Holvik
Christer Thu
Christer Kismul Helle
Christer Almås Stokka
Christer Hegg
Christer Feste
Christer Eriksen
Christer Kvalheim
Christer Mørkved
Christer Tokvam
Christer Hopland
Christer Wolden
Christer Skorpen
Christer Rødahl
Christer Hult
Christer Heimdal
Christer Almløf
Christer Arthurson
Christer Mehl
Christer Lundén
Christer Torp Larsen
Christer Klementsen
Christer Remen Carlsson
Christer Guilhem Jonassen
Christer Grøtte
Christer André Høgli
Christer J Fosen
Christer Haagenrud
Christer Sverre Lokøen
Christer Holmen Bakken
Christer Davanger
Christer M Corneliussen
Christer Kortgård
Christer Sævig
Christer Poulsen
Christer Jansrud
Christer Rostad Johansen
Christer Vevle
Christer Martinsen
Christer Haugerud
Christer Einvik
Christer Skorpen Nyland
Christer Dehlin
Christer Ulf Håkansson
Christer Andre Salamonsen
Christer Hodne Bjørge
Christer Eiken
Christer André Bjerknes
Christer Førland Gjesdal
Christer Dybvik Sunde
Christer Sandersen
Christer Egeli
Christer Holmgren
Christer Opsahl
Christer Svensen
Christer Eik
Christer Skjellvik
Christer Pettersen
Christer Løften Bauge
Christer Enersen
Christer Meland Anderssen
Christer Rygg
Christer Hansen
Christer Notland
Christer Hellstrand
Christer Erik Sollid
Christer Midthun
Christer Moe Jacobsen
Christer Haldammen
Christer Enerstvedt
Christer Andersen
Christer Tonheim
Christer Adrian Mork
Christer Oldrup Hansen
Christer Mikkelsen