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The word Andrea has a web popularity of 593000000 pages.


What means Andrea?

The meaning of Andrea is: var of Andrei

james says: Arthur Claude Strachan

Web synthesis about this name:

...Andrea is having issues with the planning of her birthday.
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Andrea is established in cooperation with european distance education network.
Andrea is a graduate of the university of maryland and villanova law school.
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Andrea is transferred to methodist hospital psychiatric unit and is diagnosed with a major depressive disorder.
Andrea is known as the queen of spanish television and especially of telenovelas.
Andrea is also an aspiring actress in her spare time and has now appeared in two films directed by alan parker.
Andrea is presently the director of the beautifully created program.

What is the origin of name Andrea? Probably Italy or UK.

Andrea spelled backwards is Aerdna
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Anader Adearn Daaner Anared Aadenr Nedaar Nadaer Redaan Adrean Naadre Raneda Radane Ardane Eranad Anaerd
Misspells: Sndrea Andtea Andlea Andea Andreaa Adnrea Andrae Andera

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Andrea Myrnes Steinrud
Andrea Kvalvik
Andrea Stavland
Andrea Graf De Carvalho
Andrea Weiss
Andrea Dee
Andrea Fillingsnes
Andrea Kollerud Nossen
Andrea Wille Lund
Andrea Sørum
Andrea Busch
Andrea K Garcia Gonzalez
Andrea Svendsmark Bakken
Andrea Kaatz
Andrea Apeland Gonzales
Andrea Karolina G Børve
Andrea Fossum
Andrea Ratajewski Kluge
Andrea Koch Berg
Andrea Håkonsen
Andrea Vågen Edvardsen
Andrea Finckenhagen
Andrea Carlsen
Andrea Benonisen
Andrea Olafsen Elman
Andrea Christine Eckerbom
Andrea Helen Sæter
Andrea Dayana Burgess
Andrea Onsrud
Andrea Myklebust Huus
Andrea Lange Getz
Andrea Sandkvist Fossli
Andrea Ovid
Andrea Hanke
Andrea Cvetkovic
Andrea Langmo
Andrea Ånestad
Andrea Veen Nesse
Andrea Isabel Zarate Frez
Andrea Løvås
Andrea Kazmierczak
Andrea Sandbu Numme
Andrea Owe
Andrea Rønning
Andrea Kristianse Muskaug