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The word Ifeanyi has a web popularity of 1560000 pages.


What means Ifeanyi?

The meaning of Ifeanyi is: god can do anything

Ifeanyi Igboanugo says: Ifeanyi could be a shortened form for Ifeanyichukwu, Ifeanyidike,etc. Ifeanyichukwu means "nothing is difficult for God". 'Ife'=(some) thing,'anyi'= not difficult,'Chukwu'= God. Ifeanyidike means' nothing is difficult for a warrior'

Ifeanyichukwu obi says: I want to disagree with you on the meaning of the name Ifeanyi, without CHUKWU attached it is meaningless,

ifeanyi ozojie says: The word, ifeanyichukwu or shortened-ifeanyi simply means that God is able; The universality of God's ability to handle all situations.

Ifeanyi Aniagoh says: Ifeanyi is the short form of Ifeanyichukwu,an Igbo name which means God is Omnipotent. Literally, people misinterpret it to mean "God can do everything". Fair enough but God CANNOT DO BAD THINGS so the true and accurate meaning remains "God is omnipotent or Omnipotence of God"

Ifeanyi Akalonu says: Ifeanyi actually means: Nothing can overwhelm. Now it is usually a short form of a longer name, most commonly Ifeanyichukwu (nothing can overwhelm God) and others like Ifeanyidike (Nothing can overwhelm a great man or warrior) or Ifeanyieze (Nothing can overwhelm a king) Ifeanyi is a common Igbo name borne by people in the south-eastern parts of Nigeria.

Web synthesis about this name:

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What is the origin of name Ifeanyi? Probably Nigeria or UK.

Ifeanyi spelled backwards is Iynaefi
This name has 7 letters: 5 vowels (71.43%) and 2 consonants (28.57%).

Anagrams: Eanyifi Yifiane Iinyafe
Misspells: Ifesnyi Yfeanyi Ifeanii Ifeanyia Iefanyi Ifeaniy Ifeayni

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