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The word Selma has a web popularity of 61100000 pages.


What means Selma?

The meaning of Selma is: Divine Protector

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...Selma is located approximately 50 miles west of montgomery and 80 miles south of birmingham in the blackbelt region of alabama.
Selma is a 3 pe machine the maximum performance of selma is 6.
Selma is famous for two events that occurred 100 years apart.
Selma is at the center of an emancipation of a people.
Selma is possessed with a motherly guilt for even having given birth to her son.
Selma is also home to wallace community college of selma.
Selma is trying to save money for an operation that will cure him.
Selma is a growing commumity just east of raleigh and along with the rest of johnston county enjoys the fastest growth rate in north.
Selma is an historic community with a population of approximately 25.
Selma is legally blind but hopes to save sufficient money for her son to have an operation at the recommended age of 13.

What is the origin of name Selma? Probably Brazil or Turkey.

Selma spelled backwards is Amles
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Seaml Lames Leams Mlaes Slame Alesm Maesl Meals Elams Males Samle
Misspells: Selms Sellma Elma Selmaa Slema Selam Semla

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