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The word Schmidt has a web popularity of 204000000 pages.


What means Schmidt?

The meaning of Schmidt is: Blacksmith

Web synthesis about this name:

...Schmidt is the head of the computer centre of fhtw berlin.
Schmidt is a creative and award winning cake designer with over thirty years experience in the catering profession.
Schmidt is the third player to sign a letter of intent to come to osu in the fall.
Schmidt is the first osu volleyball player to earn academic all.
Schmidt is a professor of food chemistry in the department of food science and human nutrition and the department of agricultural engineering at.
Schmidt is working in the area of situated interaction and context.
Schmidt is an internationally recognized financial consultant.
Schmidt is now a permanent resident of new york city.
Schmidt is a member of portfolio of places and winner of the aa accommodation award 2000.
Schmidt is a board certified personal injury lawyer.

What is the origin of name Schmidt? Probably France or Germany.

Schmidt spelled backwards is Tdimhcs
This name has 7 letters: 1 vowels (14.29%) and 6 consonants (85.71%).

Misspells: Schmidtt Schmydt Chmidt Schmidta Shcmidt Schmitd Schmdit

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Schmidt Schmidt Schmidt Schmidt Schmidt

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