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The word Roux has a web popularity of 51000000 pages.


What means Roux?

The meaning of Roux is: Red

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...Roux is the paste of melted fat and flour which is the basis of all cream sauces and gravies.
Roux is smooth and has the consistency of cake frosting.
Roux is usually made with butter rather than vegetable oil alternate method heat the oil until it starts to smoke then add the flour.
Roux is a base of flour and fat used to thicken and flavor many creole and cajun dishes.
Roux is the basic ingredient many recipes here at great cajun cooking.
Roux is a delicate blend of cooked oil or fat and flour.
Roux is a mixture of even parts of fat and flour cooked together to form a thickening agent.
Roux is a combination of melted butter or fat and flour.
Roux is an important basic ingredient in many cajun dishes.
Roux is a thickening mixture that is simply a combination of fat and flour cooked over low heat.

What is the origin of name Roux? Probably France or South Africa.

Roux spelled backwards is Xuor
This name has 4 letters: 2 vowels (50.00%) and 2 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Roxu Orxu Oxru Urxo Oxur Xuor Ourx Ouxr Uxro Rxuo Xrou Xoru Uorx Xruo
Misspells: Toux Loux Oux Rouxa Ruox Roxu

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