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The word Ojeda has a web popularity of 28900000 pages.


What means Ojeda?
The meaning of Ojeda is unknown.

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...Ojeda is a chicago cubs infielder and an olympic bronze medalist.
Ojeda is the lone representative from the lady volunteer tennis team in the championships.
Ojeda is an assistant professor of international political economy in the department of urban planning at the ucla school of public.
Ojeda is leading a squadron of mexican factory workers to the streets of seattle for the summit to denounce the ways free trade impacts the lives of working.
Ojeda is a dedicated professional that cares about you and your real estate needs.
Ojeda is a catholic speaker who has felt inspired by god to use his gift of speaking to spread the gospel.
Ojeda is bothered by a sore hamstring and might not play.
Ojeda is chairman for the march of dimes walkamerica 2002 ernesto ojeda.
Ojeda is also knowledgeable about business law in latin countries.
Ojeda is a professor of linguistics at the university of california at davis.

What is the origin of name Ojeda? Probably Chile or Mexico.

Ojeda spelled backwards is Adejo
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Ojade Eadjo Ejado Edoja Jeoda Deajo Aejod Dajoe Oedja Jeado Daejo Aedoj Oadej Ajoed
Misspells: Ojeds Ojedaa Oejda Ojead Ojdea

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