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The word Novak has a web popularity of 12200000 pages.


What means Novak?

The meaning of Novak is: Newcomer.

Chris says: This is too interesting

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...Novak is wearing an robert novak is wearing an orange and blue tie on crossfire.
Novak is an olin scholar at the american enterprise institute.
Novak is one of my favorite actresses and i think she is one of the most underrated and overlooked actresses of her generation.
Novak is now returning to her original motivation for getting on the web.
Novak is in an especially promising position to bring these two traditions into open conversation.
Novak is currently investigating the maternal adaptation to pregnancy.
Novak is expected to be reelected state republican chairman this weekend when the state committee convenes.
Novak is a nationally syndicated columnist based in washington.
Novak is currently the primary instructor in various adjustive technique classes including those covering techniques in thoracic.
Novak is an individual with his principal office and place of business at 1550 sunrise highway.

What is the origin of name Novak? Probably Russia or UK.

Novak spelled backwards is Kavon
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Nokav Vkaon Vokan Vanok Ovnak Avkon Kvona Akonv Nvaok Ovkan Akvon Kvano Nkavo Konva
Misspells: Novsk Nowak Novaka Nvoak Novka Noavk

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