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The word Vladimir has a web popularity of 177000000 pages.


What means Vladimir?

The meaning of Vladimir is: To Rule With Peace

Vladislav Demidov says: No! Vladimir is Not to rule with peace. The origin of Vladimi (volodimir) came from the slavic culture and it means "the owner of the world" Vlad (Vladyelets - owner) Mir (world) from Russian. Vladyelets Mira - owner of the world. I heard people translate that name as it means to rule with peace, but it is incorrect.

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...Vladimir is the center of vladimir region and is located 179 kilometers east of moscow.
Vladimir is a small russian city of approximately 400.
Vladimir is an ideal setting in which to become immersed in russian language and history.
Vladimir is overjoyed that reinforcements have arrived to help with the waiting.
Vladimir is embarking on a pyramid scheme that will rival the fraudulent tendencies of his father back in america.
Vladimir is the son of the great alexander popov and daria shmeleva.
Vladimir is responsible for delivering the food baskets to client families.
Vladimir is situated 45 km to the south from suzdal.
Vladimir is the son of immigrants who came to the us via a carter administration swap.
Vladimir is visited by representatives of the major monotheistic religions.

What is the origin of name Vladimir? Probably Russia or Moldova.

Vladimir spelled backwards is Rimidalv
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Daimvilr Irmadilv Lmariidv Vidimral Livarimd Vamlidri
Misspells: Vlsdimir Vladimit Vlladimir Vladymir Wladimir Vladimil Vladimi Vladimira Valdimir Vladimri Vladiimr

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Vladimir Aliyev
Vladimir Savelyev
Vladimir Vdovichenkov
Vladimir Bazynkov
Vladimir Zelitsky
Vladimir Alexandrov
Vladimir Danilovsky
Vladimir Koval
Vladimir Tmayo
Vladimir Bolchik
Vladimir Aleksich
Vladimir Kocharyan
Vladimir Tica
Vladimir Tsuladze
Vladimir Abbakumov
Vladimir Starostin
Vladimir Vorkul
Vladimir Papic
Vladimir Skomarovsky
Vladimir Megidman
Vladimir Bashkirov
Vladimir Puhony
Vladimir Posusta
Vladimir Krainev
Vladimir Alimin
Vladimir Kaloyanov
Vladimir Preclik
Vladimir Stulnikov
Vladimir Samoilovski
Vladimir Orzhevsky
Vladimir Tumanov
Vladimir Ananich
Vladimir Belyakov
Vladimir Zhirinovskiy
Vladimir Svenda
Vladimir Gulyayev
Vladimir Bednar
Vladimir Vladimirov
Vladimir Aleksic
Vladimir Tesovic
Vladimir Degilev
Vladimir Grigoriev
Vladimir Bashta
Vladimir Popkov
Vladimir Volchek
Vladimir Rubin
Vladimir Mityukov
Vladimir Korovin
Vladimir Tomic
Vladimir Semionov
Vladimir Ishimov
Vladimir Cherepanov
Vladimir Yerofeyev
Vladimir Karabanov
Vladimir Sakalov
Vladimir Nikolaev
Vladimir Kostov
Vladimir Vozhenikov
Vladimir Zaytsev
Vladimir Tolstoy
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Vladimir Arsenyev
Vladimir Mosenkov
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