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The word Thomas has a web popularity of 285000000 pages.


What means Thomas?

The meaning of Thomas is: Twin

Alyssa McIntosh says: Like Saint Thomas

Thomas Selander says: Acc to Swedish wiki there are 58000 persons named Thomas in Sweden

Web synthesis about this name:

...Thomas is a well established independent firm of uk.
Thomas is a well established independent firm of uk estate agents.
Thomas is named to new posts in woodbridge hall effective sept.
Thomas is buried rs thomas was a defender of welsh culture senior clergy in the church of wales have.
Thomas is a collection of sayings attributed to jesus of nazareth.
Thomas is coming on strong senior has 11 points and eight rebounds against hoosiers dale g.
Thomas is smothered by colorado state wide receiver joey cuppari after thomas intercepted a pass in the first half of their.
Thomas is congratulated by coach john robinson after thomas threw a 57.
Thomas is making the most of her chance to play tennis at mu.
Thomas is free his resistance to forced electroshock inspired hundreds to speak out this morning.

What is the origin of name Thomas? Probably France or UK.

Thomas spelled backwards is Samoht
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Homtas Stoahm Staohm Hsotam Somath Mtosha Smotha Hmosta
Misspells: Thomss Tthomas Thoma Thomasa Tohmas Thomsa Thoams

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Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas
Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas

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