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The word Katerina has a web popularity of 35800000 pages.


What means Katerina?

The meaning of Katerina is: Pure

Nikolas says: exactly the word KAterina is 100% greek word. comes form rephrase of AIKATERINI which means "Always PURE"

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Katerina is the former owner of a day care which housed autistic and downs syndrom children.
Katerina is in charge of the knowlaboration project.
Katerina is an intelligent woman who thinks before she speaks.
Katerina is an eighty year old gentile woman reflecting back to the time she learned to love the jews and their lifestyle as they faced.
Katerina is bored with her provincial life and her dull husband.
Katerina is situated above the quiet papa nero beach.
Katerina is far from surrendering her herself into the hands of dimitri.
Katerina is married to constantinos zorbas and they have three children.
Katerina is beautifully located in the center of moscow within a 3.

What is the origin of name Katerina? Probably Russia or Greece.

Katerina spelled backwards is Aniretak
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Rientaak Etriknaa Natiekar Aanekirt Enkiarta Naiterak Aitanrek Kreniata Rteaniak Eritkaan Ktianear
Misspells: Ksterina Katetina Katterina Kateryna Katelina Kateina Katerinaa Ktaerina Katerian Katernia

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