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The word Gerard has a web popularity of 29500000 pages.


What means Gerard?

The meaning of Gerard is: Brave Spearman

Adria says: Adrià, non servium, kaos urbano xD

Web synthesis about this name:

...Gerard is very skilled at restoring damaged religious statues.
Gerard is an exceptionally talented author and she proves it yet again with her latest silhouette desire release.
Gerard is able to solve wind uplift problems that can cause many roofing materials to fly off in severe.
Gerard is assisted in his hunt for sheridan by his team of marshals as well as john royce.
Gerard is a catholic parish established in 1926 by the redemptorists priests and brothers at the request of bishop schrembs of the diocese of toledo.
Gerard is assigned to negotiate a truce with weirmonken.
Gerard is a certified general accountant with over twenty years in finance and management.
Gerard is still developing both as a trombone player and a singer.
Gerard is helped out once again by truffle members as well as other seacoast nh and some virginian musicians.
Gerard is no lightweight when it comes to durability.

What is the origin of name Gerard? Probably France or UK.

Gerard spelled backwards is Drareg
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Degarr Drarge Darger Radegr Gedrar
Misspells: Gersrd Getard Gelard Geard Gerarda Greard Geradr Gerrad

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