Aleksandr - details and analysis   

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The word Aleksandr has a web popularity of 34400000 pages.


What means Aleksandr?

The meaning of Aleksandr is: Defending men

Web synthesis about this name:

...Aleksandr is that his father was gifted with a winderful voice.
Aleksandr is 12 and alla is 9 live in orphanage in asia.
Aleksandr is a contracted employee representing bellona in st.
Aleksandr is in his last semester of honours at canberra school of music.
Aleksandr is a russian soldier who is making his way to irkutsk for duty.
Aleksandr is the only actor who comes away from the film with a skerrick of credibility.
Aleksandr is said to have had time only for mathematics.
Aleksandr is a lawyer in the vologda region in north central european russia.
Aleksandr is actively recruiting help to continue the spreading of the biointensive word in novosibirsk.
Aleksandr is voor verhoor opgepakt door de fsb op verdenking van medeplichtigheid aan de aanslagen van nra.

What is the origin of name Aleksandr? Probably Russia or Ukraine.

Aleksandr spelled backwards is Rdnaskela
This name has 9 letters: 3 vowels (33.33%) and 6 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Randakels
Misspells: Sleksandr Aleksandt Alleksandr Aleksandl Aleksand Alekandr Aleksandra Aelksandr Aleksanrd Aleksadnr

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Aleksandr Filippenko
Aleksandr Sviridovsky
Aleksandr Askinazi
Aleksandr Zaitsev
Aleksandr Cheskidov
Aleksandr Vontov
Aleksandr Plyushchyov
Aleksandr Churgin
Aleksandr Itygilov
Aleksandr Fedulov
Aleksandr Menkov
Aleksandr Sagitov
Aleksandr Barakin
Aleksandr Levit
Aleksandr Zhurbin
Aleksandr Korzhenkov
Aleksandr Golubkov
Aleksandr Chajka
Aleksandr Lukin
Aleksandr Klukvin
Aleksandr Shulgin
Aleksandr Bogdanov
Aleksandr Kiriakov
Aleksandr Degtyaryov
Aleksandr Petrashkevich
Aleksandr Denisenko
Aleksandr Zakharkin
Aleksandr Pogaso
Aleksandr Rezalin
Aleksandr Afanasyev
Aleksandr Plotnikov
Aleksandr Kerzhakov
Aleksandr Shcherbakov
Aleksandr Zakrzhevskiy
Aleksandr Chupakov
Aleksandr Tikhanovich
Aleksandr Mazayev
Aleksandr Rybkin
Aleksandr Gorokhov
Aleksandr Chupin
Aleksandr Kibovsky
Aleksandr Yakovlev
Aleksandr Timoshenko
Aleksandr Malakhov
Aleksandr Kharyutchenko
Aleksandr Tvardovsky
Aleksandr Safonov
Aleksandr Chubaryan
Aleksandr Feklistov
Aleksandr Voronsov
Aleksandr Ryabov
Aleksandr Livshits
Aleksandr Pikunov
Aleksandr Prokhanov
Aleksandr Makarov
Aleksandr Yagudkin
Aleksandr Korenkov
Aleksandr Lenkov
Aleksandr Dik
Aleksandr Balsanov
Aleksandr Bolshakov
Aleksandr Morfov
Aleksandr Braginsky
Aleksandr Kuzmin
Aleksandr Vdovichenko
Aleksandr Driven
Aleksandr Karamnov
Aleksandr Ponomaryov
Aleksandr Koval
Aleksandr Kulyamin
Aleksandr Semin
Aleksandr Khabalov
Aleksandr Vysokovskiy
Aleksandr Shchurok
Aleksandr Gerlikov
Aleksandr Vishnevsky
Aleksandr Reznichenko
Aleksandr Kozyakov
Aleksandr Lupenko
Aleksandr Ashanin
Aleksandr Buriy
Aleksandr Stanke
Aleksandr Shelenkov
Aleksandr Fadeyev
Aleksandr Stolper
Aleksandr Karavayev
Aleksandr Tsekalo
Aleksandr Palchikov
Aleksandr Novogrudsky
Aleksandr Ivliev
Aleksandr Dudka
Aleksandr Novodatsky
Aleksandr Sveshnikov
Aleksandr Anikeyenko
Aleksandr Belevich
Aleksandr Kabakov
Aleksandr Blank
Aleksandr Pronin
Aleksandr Bakrin
Aleksandr Belyakov
Aleksandr Elizarov
Aleksandr Mass
Aleksandr Zguridi
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Aleksandr Divanyan
Aleksandr Prosyanov
Aleksandr Melkumov
Aleksandr Dzhanshiyev
Aleksandr Gorshkov
Aleksandr Cheverov
Aleksandr Kraynov
Aleksandr Zvyagintsev
Aleksandr Maslov
Aleksandr Matrosov
Aleksandr Tetyuha
Aleksandr Volkov
Aleksandr Ratsimor
Aleksandr Evtukh
Aleksandr Gonorovsky
Aleksandr Chakovsky
Aleksandr Kumma
Aleksandr Goldobin
Aleksandr Serebrennikov
Aleksandr Vilkin
Aleksandr Kiselyov
Aleksandr Golovachyov
Aleksandr Krumin
Aleksandr Postolenko
Aleksandr Permyakov
Aleksandr Samusenko
Aleksandr Tsybulskiy
Aleksandr Albert
Aleksandr Kukareko
Aleksandr Ivankov
Aleksandr Zhukov
Aleksandr Zaichevsky
Aleksandr Shevtsov
Aleksandr Burko
Aleksandr Sinyukov
Aleksandr Naymenko
Aleksandr Kashperov
Aleksandr Pashovkin
Aleksandr Pashkov
Aleksandr Zelskiy
Aleksandr Tamonikov
Aleksandr Pigalsky
Aleksandr Banchu
Aleksandr Paluta
Aleksandr Shestakov
Aleksandr Golubentsev
Aleksandr Razumnyj
Aleksandr Parkhomenko
Aleksandr Molchanov
Aleksandr Bavtrikov
Aleksandr Ivin
Aleksandr Timofeyev
Aleksandr Anurov
Aleksandr Shatov
Aleksandr Gelman
Aleksandr Kekish
Aleksandr Alyoshkin
Aleksandr Vasilkov
Aleksandr Gorchilin
Aleksandr Lashutin
Aleksandr Majka
Aleksandr Sulimov
Aleksandr Cheban
Aleksandr Verbitsky
Aleksandr Dymov
Aleksandr Shmid
Aleksandr Vetrov
Aleksandr Mangatkhanov
Aleksandr Kundryutskov
Aleksandr Zhdanovich
Aleksandr Gizgizov
Aleksandr Ganus
Aleksandr Katin