Vimala Nachampassak of Belgium said about Nachampassak : It's an Royalty well known family name. And the origin is Laotian (Laos) And my parents are from there. Greetings, Vimala Nachampassak.

Selly Selvaratnam said about Selvaratnam : My name Selvaratnam was formulated by the combination of part of my father's name (Selvadurai) and mother's name (Annaratnam). If you are looking for meaning for the name Selvaratnam you have to split the name into two. In tamil SELVAM means riches and RATNAM means jewel. If you like you may consider the meaning od Selvaratnam to be a rich (expensive) jewel. Regards Selly

myelle willems said about Myelle : i changed my name Mia to Myelle in 1968. I choose Myelle first for the sound of the e instead of a. I did not like to be an donkey. Inhabitants of Sevenum in Limburg are called donkeys and they make the sound of IA

Mori LaChappelle said about Mori : Mori also means "deep forest" in Japanese.

Roudabeh said about Roudabeh : Roudabeh is mix of Roud+ abeh Roud means child Abeh means brilliant mix of them is Roudabeh means brilliant child, a wise child.

beroual sayeh said about Beroual : The origin of the name Beroual is: bel-ouar (ouar, in Amazigh means the lion)

Iqboljon said about Iqboljon : this name means "the future". the origin of this name is arabic, however it is a very common name.

Fatso said about Cheuka : It's a Shona surname from Zimbabwe

Nowethu Chizura said about Nowethu : My name is Nowethu and the origin of my name is South Africa (The Zulu Language). It means ‘Our Beloved’.

Rene Meneses said about Meneses : It's a city in spain.

Arthur wurdack said about Jackson : Got a man from Bosnia at my house!?😎

Tirivairi mhuriyengwe said about Mhuriyengwe : Mhuri: family , ye:of, ngwe :leopards.hence in full mhuriyengwe means ,"family of leopards.

Tiri2 said about Tirivairi : Its a shona name which means , "we are two"

shamal said about Shamal : Shamal in kurdish language means breeze.

Famuwagun Tobi Clement said about Famuwagun : The Meaning Of The Name Is The Oracle Has Made The Society To Be Well Organized

PERICA BLAZEVIC said about Dominelektro : DOMINELEKTRO IS abbreviation OF DOMINant ELEKTROnika, and gives a name of company which deals with control systems (or dominant systems) in industy like hydro power stations and similar

syed najeeb mohiuddin quadri said about Syed : I want to know the meaning as well as why mohiuddin and quadri is attached after it

Aziz Shalaby said about Shalaby : French spelling for Shalaby is Chalabi. Members of the Shalaby family who immigrated from Lebanon are named Shelby and Shalbey.

Dinesh said about Gulbadhar : Gul= red, Badr= Surya. In Arabic. From south of Sindh.

Diane Ocepek said about Ocepek : My dad's parents came to Minnesota from Yugoslavia

Rolf Gilberg said about Gilberg : The meaning of the family name Gilberg (in Denmark) From my ancestors I was told that our last name Gilberg originated from a farm called Gildebjerg in west Jylland, which is that part of Denmark, which is not an island. Rthe farm got its name because it was placed on a small hill, hvich in Denmark quickly will be recognesed as a mountain (bjerg means mountain). The highest land point in Denmark is 173 meter above sea level. ‘Gilde’ have several meanings: (1) party, feast. (2) guild. (3) castrate (emasculate). In the old days people in these areas were sheep herders. Once a year they would meet on this “mountain” from where the could keep an eye on the herds of sheeps, where they casterated some of the sheep and later had a party. Therefore, the farm got the name “Gildebjerget”. My ancestor, who worked art the farm, was called Jensen. Later he got a job in a compagny, where there were several called Jensen. So he was called Jensen from Gildebjerget. At some point he worked it into his name with a shorter spelling to Gilberg Jensen. Next generation dropped Jensen, and we ended up as Gilberg. The neaning of Gilberg is the same as above, just in a shorter spelling. Rolf Gilberg, 11 April 2018

sylvia cheel said about Sharrie : Sharrie is the name I gave her, the song "my Cheri amour by Stevie Wonder" was playing all the time.I thought is was beautiful like her but I never new how to spell it. This makes her unique. Love you Mom

Eric Holbrook said about Wally : It's english for the Russian name Vladimir

Trust Mzembe said about Mzembe : Mzembe is a great name and indeed a rare on to find

Aggeliki said about Aggeliki : The name comes from Greek and is derived from the name of the two angels (Angel Michael and Angel Gabriel), who are worshiped from the Christians.The name day of someone named 'Aggeliki' is on the 8th of November. There is also a masculine form of the name " Aggelos". Personally, I spell my name 'Angeliki' in English and 'Αγγελική' in Greek.

Ageng said about Ageng : AGENG = BIG AGENG = BOYS NAME

João said about Quinistar : Quinistra é conhecida também como sendo a floração da canais sativa. Uma ponta adulta, já na quinta quinistra produz um nível de THC dos melhores.

Miloslav Munchinsky said about Munchinsky : The name "Munchinsky" comes from the Miaczynski noble family who lived in Gmina Miączyn is a rural gmina in Zamość County, Lublin Voivodeship, in eastern Poland. Although historically the area was under Poland, it is now in Ukraine. Munchinsky is also found in the Czech Republic because of migration.

Gina said about Teshome : Teshome also means the "boss" in etiopinion and the name is from etiopia😊

Moahloi said about Moahloli : Moahloli means judge in Sesotho

Martins Ushieagu said about Ushieagu : Ushieagu is an ancestral name that belongs to Ogwashi family of Ushie in Ndokwa east local government area of delta state. Nigeria. The name is derived in partbfrom the village name Ushie and agu which means "can't be finished ".so simply the name stands for a village that can never go into extinction despite several threaths from communities around it


Sadieka said about Sadieka : Yes . The name is Arabic and means, Honesty, trustworthy, sincere, giving,

Aaliyah cerr said about Tishalia : Strong beautiful baby girl

Thomas Lewaschiw said about Lewaschiw : Lewaschiw comes from levashov, my família fled from Russia to Brazil on the WWII and the name was changed

Christian Magnus Tendeland Ive said about Tendeland : From what I'm told, there's only two separate Tendeland familiy trees in Norway.

Remko said about Remko : verkorte vorm van een naam met als tweede lid de Germaanse stam `Mâr` (vermaard). Het eerste lid kan de Germaanse stam `Ragin` (raad, besluit), Râd (raad, advies) of `Hraban` (raaf) zijn Lees meer op:

Dalicsek said about Dalicsek : There are two persons with the name István Dalicsek. The first one is István Dalicsek Senior, the second is his son István Dalicsek Jr.

cris lagarto said about Lagarto : lagarto from leyte phillipines

Chaitanya Kumar said about Chaitanya : Ghjj mg Spain's Aksum Kathy hal leishmania

Akuira said about Akuira : Māori (indigenous New Zealander) origin Aku = my(plural) ira = essence

Vicki Lynn Tolbert said about Tolbert : Great site, I'm proud to have my father James Manley Tolbert name

ANNABELLA NEUWIRTHOVÁ said about Jaroslava : Annabella Neuwirthová

Nicholas Pikos said about Pikos : the last name originated from greece :)

Jerry Matsaneng said about Matsaneng : Meaning of the name Matsaneng is puddles of water!

Lazary said about Pourraid : Pourraid origen name came from France from the town Pourrain in Lion in this town is the cattle from the family that originate the name

Rakau Felix said about Rakau : Rakau means great or great mind.

Mario Larenas Negrete said about Negrete : El origen del apellido Negrete, está en el valle Castro Urdiales en el norte de España. Evidencias S.XII España!

Roberta said about Kyllan : Kyllan is from ‘Three Against the Witch World’ by Andre Norton

Marit Blikshavn said about Blikshavn : The meaning of the name is: Det blinker i havna. (Vikingenes vei mot nord gikk på innsiden av Karmøy der stedet Blikshavn ligger.)

Kees Broersen Tuitjenhorn KBZ said about Broersen : The name Broersen is probably from Danmark Jan Broersen Decker was original from HUSUM which is now Schleswich Holstein in Germany. He was secondant of Peter Stuyvesant in New Amsterdam which is now New York

Eyad AlSamman said about Samman : Al-Samman is the Arabic name for a well-known small bird known in English as "The Quail." Quail is a collective name for several genera of mid-sized birds generally placed in the order Galliformes.

Kirk Gaw said about Gaw : The origins of the Gaw name date to the encounter between Alexander The Great and a Western China community of cave dwellers who met him on The Silk Road. They told him they were "Earth People" which at the time translated as The Gaw's a Gaw would be a member of that Chinese community. Alexander The Great they thought was from the sky? They had never seen anyone like him!

Leora Bain said about Leora : Leora is derived from the Hebrew name Eleanor and means “Guiding Light.”


Michael Prus said about Kostecki : The Kostecki family name comes, in many cases, from villages in Poland called Kostki. There are about 15 various noble families having that name and even more numerous non-noble homonyms. See: Boniecki, Adam (1907) Herbarz Polski, Warsaw; and Kostecki, R. 2015,

mujombi munyaradzi said about Mujombi : origin - Buhera District , Manicaland Zimbabwe meaning - The broke one..

Abdulrahaman Okino Otuoze said about Otuoze : "Otuoze" is an EBIRA name meaning "The one who paves good path for others". Although, found in about 8 states of the Nigerian federation, Ebira people are predominantly from the central senatorial district of Kogi state. And Otuoze is one of the chrished names by the people.

Denna said about Denna : Denna is an English name and means Divine.

John said about Barbora : Hi, it's Juan Carlos from Spain. Please get un touch if you can. 637480076 movil

Ezat Antaki said about Antaki : Antaki is originally a state in Syria called Antakia and this is originally all Antaki family belongs to ! There are Muslims and Christian parts of the family but all related to each other

Ashkhen Gulbekian said about Ashkhen : I was named after Queen Ashkhen from Armenia and part of the Arsacid dynasty.

Nurcan said about Nurcan : İTS turkish name and the meening is lıght of the soul.

Dino said about Odino : My dad got the name Odino from the name "Odin" of Norse mythology. He added the "O" at the end. Hence, "Odino"

Raushana Karriem said about Karriem : The meaning of Karriem is the Most Generous, the Most Beneficient.

Susan Faith Koop said about Koop : My family came from Germany.

Estiaq Ahmad Lemon said about Lemon : Estiaq Ahmad Lemon

Alco Kieft said about Kieft : My grandfather always told me that Kieft comes from the word Dutch word Kievit, which means lapwing (a bird) in Dutch. The word Kievit is pronounced as 'Kieft' in some Dutch dialects.

Karaagah said about Jessyl : There's no Saudi Srabian Jessyl

Carberry said about Carberry : There are two roots for the name. The Irish one has its roots in Wicklow/Wexford and is Gaelic for Charioteers, which would have been a profession. The Scottish one roughly translates to The Hedge, denoting a place.

Souparni said about Souparni : The name souparni means emerald. It is a Bengali name.

Karen bertorelli said about Bertorelli : Family originated Bergazzi, province of Bardi in Italy. Not found any meaning of the name, but it’s very common in that Smith in the UK

Aske Slyngbom Nielsen said about Slyngbom : The name is probably from the netherlands, it is said that a sailor married someone in Denmark and established a family there.

Tor Georg Lura said about Lura : The name Lura come's from "ljore" an opening for smoke onto free air in old wood buildings

Yaroslav Cherednyk said about Cherednik : yaroslavcherednyk так правильно)

Michael Heisler said about Heisler : The origin of the name "Heisler" is a misspelling of the German name "Häusler" which describes somebody who lives in a small house. The most families with this name in the same region live in North Germany in the vicinity of the isle Fehmarn.

Lina said about Aslahanova : Aslahanova is a russian name hoes ALSO ILY

Gytis Vaicekauskas said about Vaicekauskas : Hello, This name is Lithuanian adaptation of Polish Wojciechowski ( Wojciechowski, as suggested, appeared from Wojciech, what means "He who is happy in battle".

vinayak jiman said about Jiman : from India , state maharshtra , city Pune .

Taha said about Jahanjouyan : This is an originally Persian name which is composed of 3 parts: Jahan(the world) +jou(seeker)+yan (plural marker). Thus, the name mean "those who seek the world or search it".

Oketola olashile said about Olashile : WOW!!! It's really great.

raz said about Raz : In Hebrew, the meaning of the word is also "secret". it used to be given only to boys, but these days it is given to both boys and girls.

Ahmad Waguih Yacout Elescandar said about Ahmad : Ahmad is our profit's name mentioned in the holly Cora-an (قرآن). The name means more thankful (to Allah)

Scarfone said about Scarfone : Brasil tem Scarfone

Jana Borm said about Borm : Live in Kiel, germany

viviana Bouvier said about Zurwerra : en argentina una mujer proveniente de suiza fue anotada como Ana Maria Zurverren y figura de distintas maneras, pero se cortó la linea de investigacion y se estima que puede haber sido Zurwerra originalmente, en Argenina se casó con luis Heinzenn anotado como henzen....Me gustaria poder averiguar algo de Ana María Zurverren o Zurwerra? Ella vino a Argentina a las colonias de valesanos en san jeronimo norte, santa fe y dejó descendientes pero de ella pobrecita no sabemos nada....una pionera silenciosa de las pampas

Fakuma Benjamin Sounyo said about Sounyo : Sounyo means will rise again or resurrection... It actually means resurrection.

Willem Schouwenaar said about Schouwenaar : The name schouwenaar comes from the former island Schouwen in the dutch province Zeeland (sealand). Somebody living would in dutch be called a schouwenaar. The former island is now part of the (dutch) region Schouwen-Duiveland. Although there are of course other possibilities the name has dutch origines, as is shown by the numbers!

Elisama said about Elisama : Elisama é um nome hebraico que significa Deus ouviu

Kambhammettu Trinath Reddy said about Kambhammettu : Kambhammettu is the distorted version of the name of a famous capital city of an ancient Telugu Kingdom, which was originally spelt as Kambham Mitta. In Prakrith language, which is akin to Sanskrit - Kambham, means PILLAR (sthambham, in sanskrit) and Mitta, means hillock. Legend says that the name of the place was originated from the existence of a Notably tall piller found erected on a Hillock and it was also named as "Stambhadri" (in its sanskrit version) and "Stambhagiri". Aacharya Mamidipudi Venkata Rangaiah, a famous Telugu Historian had given an account of the origin of the name "Kambham mitta", "Kambham mettu", in a book published more than hundred years ago. The area which was formed part of Kakatiya Kingdom with Warangal as its Capital (Orugallu, as originally called) from 11th to 14th century A.D. When the kakatiya Kingdom had falled to Muhammad Bin Tughlaq in 1323 A.D. who subdued the King Pratapa Rudra of Orugallu, it came under the ruling of successive dynasties of muslim rulers. It was part of the Hyderabad State under the Ruling of the Persian Muslim Kings of Asaf Jahi Dynasty from Hyderabad Deccan till it was liberated by the Indian Army on 17-9-1948 and annexed to the Indian Union. It was called as "Khammam" in a distorted version by the muslim rulers of Persian Origin. It is surprising that the Government of India as also the Government of the State of Andhra Pradesh and now the Government of Telangana have totally ignored the historical importance of Kambhammettu, which is evident from their failure and lapse in correcting the name and changing it from KHAMMAM TO KAMBHAMMETTU, till today. (01-04-2018)!!

osiga said about Osiga : origin is southern nigeria and it means God's gifted

Radi alkhas said about Alkhas : alkhas is my grand father name immigrated from Russia to Jordan at the end of 19th century

harald Veillard said about Veillard : My Grandmother is from Toulouse, but we lost Kontakt. I am searching for relatives and my roots

Marijonas Vilkelis said about Vilkelis : Vilkelis is Lithuanian for 'young male wolf' or 'son of wolf'.

Duduzile Acen Adongakulu said about Adongakulu : Adongakulu is a royal name. Princesses and Princes are born in Uganda, Gulu. Duduzile Acen Adongakulu is also a Princess who lives in Swaziland with her mother. To know more about her you can get her in her cell number+26878299176

Theo Tselikas said about Tselikas : origin from Turkey. Derived from the Surname Tselik (Celic in Turkish -meaning steel). American actor Tom Selik (Celic). Soccer Player Ned Zelic (slavic variant)

Kelobo Anthony said about Kelobo : Ikeroboh which is the original spelling was corrupted by the colonia master as 'Kelobo'

Lorrane Lima said about Lorrane : Lorrane is a beautiful name.

SALVATORE BIBBO said about Bibbo : Most Bibbo's come from Castelvetere Val Fortore (Italy) Meaning: probably drink too much

Leo said about Muriset : Louise Madalene Moriset, 1694- ,Wife of Abraham Frederic de la Harpe, Rolle, Switherland

Sunil Algama said about Algama : In Sinhala language Al= next Gama= village. So algama= next village

Gerd Anny Gjengstø said about Gjengstø : Gjengstø kommer fra at man gjeng på støa. Det vil si de stenene som lå på siden og støttet båtene når man dro de opp

ELKANAH Oluyori said about Oluyori : Oluyori is a Yoruba name that means To Excel amongst equal. To be notice, to outshine. It is a west African, particular Nigeria. Most people with that name hails from the West of Kogi State, Kabba/Bunu Township. Most people with the name are already happy to have such name. It seems like a good aura for

Edeoba said about Edeoba : Edeoba is the short form of an Edo name born by the Benin people of Edo State, Nigeria. It means On the King's day, the nobles are remembered

Myrna Fonseca said about Jomyr : My husband’s name is Jorge and mine is Myrna and my father created the name Jomyr from the first two letter of Jorge and the first three letters of Myrna,

Sharrel Frazeur said about Sharrel : She is the goddess of love and kindness. A beautiful woman with an everlasting smile and a heart of gold.

Engowei said about Engowie : Loving, caring, mother of twin, gorgeous, beautiful.

Bryden said about Bryden : Bryden means "A dweller in a thicket" and is the same as "Britain" as in "Ancient Britain"..

Celumusa Macwele said about Macwele : Mkhunga okhasihosha ovutha ntabazonke mtaka Dangazela

Levantine said about Hourani : Syrian and lebanese origin very common in syria lebanon jordan and palestinian territories The meaning is a person from Houran area in south western syria

Freutel said about Goercharan : from germany

Derek Willins said about willins : The name is probably a homonym of Whillans. Considerable discussion on the Whillans surname's origin has occurred via the Whillans Rootsweb List, with no definite resolution. One hypothesis has argued that the last part of our surname 'lands' is quite obvious, with the first part arising from the Anglo-Saxon word for spring water 'Quelle'(Qu is pronounced as a W in old Scots). Therefore the 'spring-lands' emerging near the headwaters of the Liddel River within the Castleton parish of Roxburghshire has led us to the present day surname Whillans. Read more at

Aniket H Biramane said about Biramane : I am from India.So where in India this name came from?

Lødemel Snøfrid Beate said about Lødemel : Lødemel Sted som sand meler seg opp. Stedsnavn hvor slektsnavnet er tatt når en flyttet til gården Lødemel på 1800 tallet. Gårdene ligger Min tipp tipp oldefar flyttet hit og tok navnet Lødemel. Gården ligger ved Horningdalsvannet.

Mohammed Bhuiyan said about Bhuiyan : Bhuiyan originated from Brumi (land in Bengali) Bangladesh. Bengali pronounciation is: Bhuiya, but later by English Speaking ruler in the region as BHUIYAN. There were 12 Bhuiyan (known as Baro (12 in Bengali) Bhuiyan who were very powerful with huge land. My great grandfather had huge land from British Ruler at that period.... Any further info, please get in touch.. Kalam Bhuiyan London, UK

Vinod Nikhra said about Nikhra : Nikhra means 'pure'.

chitrakumar said about Chitrakumar : need meaning , full details

Samkelo Sosibo said about Samkelo : It means Gift in IsiZulu and the "i" as the prefix is silent. Basically the full word is supposed to be (isamkelo)

Michel Durand said about Durand : The Durand clan will stay in Afrique de Sud

Lani Fanshaw said about Fanshaw : the name originally was Featherstonehaugh

jane speilburg said about Goburdhone : originates in Mauritius

Jacqueline Flaquer said about Flaquer : Favor de integrarme en la lista. Yo quiero tener contacto con la flia. Flaquer en todo el mundo. Yo vivo en Alemania y vengo de la Rep.Dom.

justin bivins said about Bivins : i am a part of the bivins family one of our family members died 5 days ago

Rachelle Srouji said about Srouji : My Last name is Srouji

Alessandro Boarolo said about Boarolo : The surname BOAROLO appears for the first time in FERRARA (a town located at North-East in ITALY) as a signature in a document used to pass, from the father (BOARO) to the son (BOAROLO), the rights to manage a herd of oxen that belonged to an Italian nobleman. This document was dated 1428 and it's actually kept in the archives of the municipality of FERRARA. The word BOARO in italian was, in ancient times, used to indicate a herdsman (currently we use the term MANDRIANO). Subsequently, the name has remained unchanged and mainly located in the same geographic area. Among the few variations there are the surnames BOARO, BOARI, BOAROLI, BAROLO, BAROLI. BOAROLO is a surname still widespread today in FERRARA and PADOVA but some branches have, over the centuries, appeared in the Italian counties of VENETO, LOMBARDIA and PIEMONTE.

Ann Guinchard said about Guinchard : The name is German in origin and means "strong in battle" (noted by Dauzat). The name originates from the French-German border.

Gary Ellrod said about Spaniol : The name 'Spaniol' apparently refers to the language spoken by the Sephardic Jews who were exiled from Spain in 1492.

brommersma said about Brommersma : I miss cornelis brommersma, my father from Edam and my brother Paul brommersma from Grosthuizen

Pieter said about Bogaers : Pieter J. Bogaers is a well known writer and journalist.

Henk said about Dieters : Akira Dieters, works at the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam, Holland