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The word Selva has a web popularity of 85100000 pages.


What means Selva?

The meaning of Selva is: The Latin name Selva means - a form of Silvana

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...Selva is proud to be able to share with the community hundreds of books.
Selva is situated high above the town of borgo a mozzano in the serchio valley.
Selva is a biological reserve consisting mainly of primary forest and abandoned plantations.
Selva is the international biological research station owned by the organization for tropical studies.
Selva is completely furnished and features a large private swimming pool and patio area in an exotic garden setting.
Selva is made up of evergreen primary forests with a great diversity of plants which receives some 4000 mm of rain per year.
Selva is one of the most successful introductions of a new brand of cigars.
Selva is a residential psychiatric facility located since 1979 in a converted private house in palo alto just two blocks from university avenue.
Selva is a small subshrub with woody trailing stems which root at the nodes which give rise to upright herbaceous stems topped with clusters of small.
Selva is gelegen in een zeer rustige omgeving maar de bekende cultuursteden zijn op korte afstand te vinden.

What is the origin of name Selva? Probably Italy or France.

Selva spelled backwards is Avles
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Seavl Laves Leavs Vlaes Slave Alesv Vaesl Veals Elavs Vales Savle
Misspells: Selvs Sellva Selwa Elva Selvaa Sleva Selav Sevla

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