Fabbri - details and analysis   

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The word Fabbri has a web popularity of 2400000 pages.


What means Fabbri?
The meaning of Fabbri is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Fabbri is a clinical psychologist whose research is focused on a number of issues related to diabetes.
Fabbri is also featured on two early albums by historic itaprog songwriter claudio rocchi.
Fabbri is senior vice president of sales for motient corporation.
Fabbri is onlangs geheel gerestaureerd in de oude toscaanse stijl en hierbij heeft men oude materialen opnieuw gebruikt.
Fabbri is a clinical psychologist in the behavioral and mental health unit and has been at joslin four years.
Fabbri is also a famed international piano pedagogue.
Fabbri is located within an ancient and restructured tower.
Fabbri is presently chief economist north america for bnp paribas.
Fabbri is now an established name in the united kingdom.
Fabbri is a contemporary florentine poet who enjoys a distinguished reputation in italy.

What is the origin of name Fabbri? Probably Italy or France.

Fabbri spelled backwards is Irbbaf
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Bifarb Arbifb Rbiafb Abbifr
Misspells: Fsbbri Fabbti Fabbry Fabbli Fabbi Fabbria Fbabri Fabbir Fabrbi

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Candida Fabbri
Emilio Fabbri
Ferrante Fabbri
Erica Fabbri
Silvio Fabbri
Lalla Fabbri
Amalio Fabbri
Benetton Wilma Fabbri
Federica Fabbri
Casadio Pamela Fabbri
Lauro Fabbri
Ceri Vilma Fabbri
Faliero Fabbri
Fermo Fabbri
Cesare Fabrizio Fabbri
Vittoria Fabbri
Danilo Fabbri
Fabiana Dolores Fabbri
Elisabetta Fabbri
Ceccattini Anna Fabbri
Corrado Fabbri
Maria Serena Fabbri
Dante Fabbri
Nando Fabbri
Gerri Fabbri
Manuele Fabbri
Pierpaolo Fabbri
Marica Fabbri
Rosanna Fabbri
Fausta Fabbri
Boldrini Rita Fabbri
Elmina Fabbri
Sereni Silvana Fabbri
Domenica Fabbri
Paolo Emilio Fabbri
Corsarini Carla Fabbri
Moris Fabbri
Efrem Fabbri
Manni Laurina Fabbri
Giorni Alida Fabbri
Natale Fabbri