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The word Cristoforo has a web popularity of 9780000 pages.


What means Cristoforo?

The meaning of Cristoforo is: Bearer of Christ

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...Cristoforo is caring and genuinely concerned about all of his patients and their needs.
Cristoforo is past president of the long island academy of periodontics.
Cristoforo is teaching only as a means of preparing his law career.
Cristoforo is well placed for exploring the historic cities of the marches and umbria.
Cristoforo is having on high society and on peasant life.
Cristoforo is the italian name for christopher and its meaning is very easy to understand it means christbearer the second one is the one that.
Cristoforo is very important and it was built thanks to ranuccio farnese and designed by vignola.
Cristoforo is an iron cross that is comprised of two measuring.
Cristoforo is under family management and all the products here are home made and descend exclusively of their farm.
Cristoforo is a watercolor artist who has studied art in italy and worked in the design department at wgbh.

What is the origin of name Cristoforo? Probably Italy or UK.

Cristoforo spelled backwards is Orofotsirc
This name has 10 letters: 4 vowels (40.00%) and 6 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Trofirsooc
Misspells: Ctistoforo Cristtoforo Crystoforo Clistoforo Cistoforo Critoforo Cristoforoa Cirstoforo Cristofoor Cristofroo

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