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The word Sabina has a web popularity of 71600000 pages.


What means Sabina?

The meaning of Sabina is: History

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...Sabina is maybe the church that shows us best what the christian worship space must have been like in late antiquity.
Sabina is a proud african american catholic community of faith.
Sabina is the only independent glass and ceramic decorator with three plant locations to serve the needs of your customers.
Sabina is originally from delhi but has been brought up in bangalore.
Sabina is a band that has been part of the ever growing mexican rock scene for over eight years and with four albums in the market.
Sabina is also a realtor but her focus is as a professional figurative artist.
Sabina is based on a pair of bodys belonging the pflatzgrafen dorothea sabina von nuremberg in 1598.
Sabina is a biography of the reverend richard wurmbrand and his wife sabina.
Sabina is buried in the sugar loaf cemetery which was moved to killeen by the army in 1942.
Sabina is an artist who is searching for greater inspiration.

What is the origin of name Sabina? Probably Russia or Italy.

Sabina spelled backwards is Anibas
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Saabni Basani Abisna Binasa Aasinb Anbasi Inbasa Abinsa Asabin Isbaan Aibsan Aibasn Saanib
Misspells: Ssbina Sabyna Abina Sabinaa Sbaina Sabian Sabnia

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