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The word Renato has a web popularity of 103000000 pages.


What means Renato?

The meaning of Renato is: Reborn

Robson says: I live in Brasil, don't know the origin of my name, though.

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...Renato is also a member of the ims global learning consortium.
Renato is now forced to sell the family business to a group of italian investors in order to avoid bankruptcy.
Renato is your best choice renato is truly a sincere guyand with great will.
Renato is an active member of the world wide web consortium.
Renato is an experienced guitar player with live performances at the local scene in rio de janeiro in the early eighties.
Renato is growing up with his dreams of malena while she does not know he is alive.
Renato is a young kid who one day whilst trying to enter a local gang.
Renato is exposed to the social impact of his provincial life.
Renato is an experienced guitar player with live performances at the local scene in.
Renato is obsessed emotionally and erotically by malena.

What is the origin of name Renato? Probably Italy or Brazil.

Renato spelled backwards is Otaner
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Reonta Noreta Enarto Natore Oeratn Etnora Atnore Onatre Eronat Arnoet Oanret Eanort Reotan
Misspells: Rensto Tenato Renatto Lenato Enato Renatoa Rneato Renaot Rentao

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