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The word Lucilla has a web popularity of 4750000 pages.


What means Lucilla?

The meaning of Lucilla is: Light

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...Lucilla is a member of the amdramers of the world web ring.
Lucilla is the beautiful daughter of emperor marcus aurelius and sister of eventual emperor commodus.
Lucilla is a citizen of nova roma and a member of the famous patrician gens cornelia.
Lucilla is the twelfth viscountess of drachenwald and a lady of the edelweiss.
Lucilla is when maximus has just led the barbarian horde to victory.
Lucilla is a reflection of something that has been repeated in the movies for a long time.
Lucilla is the consummate politician her brother can never be.
Lucilla is on or if she is capable of an uncalculated moment.
Lucilla is finally fitted out and her long blonde braids have been intricately interwoven with ivory and gold strands.
Lucilla is the biggest villain in the film outside of comodus.

What is the origin of name Lucilla? Probably Italy or UK.

Lucilla spelled backwards is Allicul
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Ulacill Ulicall Ucallil Cillaul Laulilc Luaclil Calulil Lilalcu Ucliall Ilucall Alculil
Misspells: Lucills Llucilla Lucylla Lucillaa Lcuilla Lucilal

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