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What means Isidoro?

The meaning of Isidoro is: Gifted With Many Ideas

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...Isidoro is a member of phoenix consort of viols and the jerusalem baroque orchestra.
Isidoro is a tastefully renovated courtyard village house on 3 floors.
Isidoro is going to speak to him about resigning from his position on the board.
Isidoro is an all bisque fully jointed boy with brown painted eyes and dark brown human hair.
Isidoro is the grave of ottavia caterina maria bryan who died on the eve of her wedding to prince scipione borghese.
Isidoro is providing home buying and selling services just as distinctive as ashland itself.
Isidoro is known in the computer demo scene as grimace and is the main programmer for a demo group called miracle.
Isidoro is situated in gaucin on the southern edge of the sierrania de ronda mountains.
Isidoro is a magnificent early romanesque construction whose museum houses a collection of ancient manuscripts.
Isidoro is the greatest exponent of romanesque painting in spain and even europe due to its good state of conservation.

What is the origin of name Isidoro? Probably Italy or Spain.

Isidoro spelled backwards is Orodisi
This name has 7 letters: 4 vowels (57.14%) and 3 consonants (42.86%).

Anagrams: Iodsoir Sodiori Siorodi Idorosi Rosidoi Iriodso Doirios Osdorii Oriisdo Siodoir Disioro
Misspells: Isidoto Ysidoro Isidolo Isidoo Iidoro Isidoroa Iisdoro Isidoor Isidroo

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Isidoro Isidoro Isidoro Isidoro Isidoro
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